The Battle of the Chris-es: Evans and Pratt Make a Superhero Super Bowl Bet

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Photo: AP Images

If you follow Marvel’s favourite Chris-es on Twitter, (Chris Evans and Chris Pratt), then you definitely saw the cutest, most epic Twitter “battle” of all.

(Before you bring it up, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t have a Twitter account. Sad. I know. We still love you, Hemsworth!)

Aside from being real-life heroes, Evans and Pratt are huge football fans, to the point where they made a bet about this year’s Super Bowl matchup: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots.

Evans was born in Boston. Pratt grew up near Seattle.

So it happened.

It all began with a tweet from Evans:

Star-Lord is fearless and had some words for Captain America himself:

Don’t worry, my friends. Another trait shared between these men, aside from their first names, is that they are the sweetest guys in the galaxy. They are made of marshmallows, star shine, and rays of sun. I love them.

If you don’t believe me, then I am sure this will change your mind.

Evans was the one who started it, but Pratt set the bet: if the Seahawks win, Evans will have to pay a visit to Seattle’s Children Hospital, in full Captain America costume and “waving the 12th man flag”.

Evans is a man of honour, so of course he took the bet!

If the Patriots win, Star-Lord (literally Star-Lord) will have to visit Christopher’s Haven in a Brady jersey.

That, my children, is how you make a bet. Everyone wins!

To be perfectly honest, I got tear-eyed and my heart felt warm when those tweets popped up on my twitter timeline. We have a lot to learn from these men: they are passionate, hard-working, generous, and true treasures.

Remember when Chris Pratt revealed he took some of Star-Lord’s clothing with him to visit children’s hospitals and then actually did it? And remember Chris Evans recently visited a young fan at Christopher’s Haven?

The world would be a much better place if there were more people like them.

Long live the Chris-es! We salute you for all your beautiful work.