Thanks For The Glee-mories: Becky’s Glee Goodbye


Credit: FOX


With eight weeks and nine episodes remaining of Fox’s break out hit musical dramedy, Glee, it is only fitting that the show that brought so many of us here to 4YE gets a proper send off. Join us over the next eight weeks as we bring you our own “best of Glee” – our “Glee-mories.” We will look at the characters, the performances, and the episodes that have kept us coming back for more, no matter how hard it has been at times, over the past six years.

We kick off the tribute with Becky Fuller’s Glee Goodbye.

My love for Glee started from the pilot. My favourite character was Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and then when Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) joined… well, my passion for Glee and these two characters especially, exploded.

Sue Sylvester is also a favourite, her quick witted put downs, unique perspective on life and her fantastic tracksuits are just some of the many reasons I love her. She has also given us some real emotion over the last six seasons though, not least when her sister died, resulting in one of my favourite performances; “Pure Imagination.”

Of course, the amazing chemistry that Criss and Colfer share has given us some fantastic duets, not least their Christmas ones, a tradition that was cruelly sabotaged when Ryan Murphy decided to punish the world with “Previously Unaired Christmas.”

“Baby it’s Cold Outside” would be my second favourite Klaine duet because “Come What May” was my wedding song and I had been dreaming of hearing Criss and Colfer sing it. The heartbreakingly earnest acoustic “Teenage Dream” by Darren Criss ranks as my all-time favourite performance, though “As If We Never Said Goodbye” by Colfer comes a close second.

As for my favourite episodes well, can I say that I already know “A Wedding” will trounce any other episode for me? I am heavily invested in Klaine and while I have not always agreed with the direction the writers have taken them in, I am beyond happy that we get to see Kurt and Blaine exchange their vows. Many protest that they are too young, but I am proof that marrying young can and does work, and although they are fictional, I really do wish Kurt and Blaine every happiness together.

Credit: FOX


I have a lot of episodes that have stood out for me for one reason or another and not every one is to do with Klaine. Obviously “Love, Love, Love” was special, as was “The First Time,” but for a very different reason altogether, “The Quarterback” earns its place in my heart.

Glee gave the most perfect tribute to both Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson with an episode which you could tell was tough on each and every cast member. Mike O’Malley and Romy Rosemont as grieving parents Burt and Carol Hummel expressed the heartbreak we were all feeling at the sudden and tragic loss of someone who had come to mean so much to so many people.

Glee has been an enormous part of my life and altered it in such a huge way that its legacy will remain with me forever. Through Glee I have found countless new friends that I know I will keep even though the show that initially brought us together has gone. I have travelled to the US to meet one friend who is stuck with me forever. With her I forged my happiest ever memory, our road trip to meet Criss on his Listen Up tour.

2014 saw my first ever Glee convention, meeting Criss again along with various Glee cast members and in particular Curt Mega, who has proven to be a great inspiration to me since.

Glee also brought me here, to 4YE, a place I consider my home and to a group that I now think of as my extended family. While I will miss the show immeasurably, and those fantastic ‘fangirl’ moments and Twitter explosions of ‘feels’, I know that I will treasure all this show has given me.