Sue Sylvester Unleashes Her Fury In Glee Sneak Peek

Photo: FOX
Photo: FOX

A scene for this Friday’s season premiere of Glee has been released, and it features three fan favourites – Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry and Sue Sylvester.

As any self-respecting Gleek knows by now, Kurt, Rachel and a few of their friends have come back to Lima, Ohio, for the final season. The reasons for the return of the “originals” are varied (and bizarre) but they’re back for the final season and it looks like they’re already fighting with Sue, who is still principal of McKinley High. What a surprise!

In the scene, which is set in what was the school’s choir room, Kurt, Rachel and Sue are having somewhat of a disagreement. As Sue says with her trademark sneer, “welcome to my thunder dome”.

“You will beg for death”, Sue continues, “but it will not come”. And people say Glee isn’t a comedy anymore? Sue then comments on Rachel’s ill-fated Los Angeles-based television show, “That’s So Rachel”, which she was so excited about in season five. Yep, that bombed.

Never one to miss out on wanton destruction, Sue violently disassembles a pencil sharpener as she speaks, then throws sheet music all over the floor. She flings the contents of a trash can at the students, and removes a poster for “Internet safety” (which she wants for herself, I assume).

There is also an odd sign of continuity; Sue whispers to Kurt that he “smells like a nursing home”. Could this be a nod to season two Kurt, when he told Brett that he “smelled homeless”? Continuity? On Glee? Surely not.

Whilst all this clamour is happening, Kurt and Rachel – who have no lines – stand there and look confused, annoyed, shocked, and horrified. Really, could they expect anything less from Sue Sylvester? Kurt is immaculately dressed of course, and Rachel looks like she may be headed back towards to schoolgirl look she left only two seasons ago.

The wonderful Jane Lynch, who’s always played Sue like the uncomfortably believable caricature that she is, looks like she’s going to town for Glee’s final season. Let’s hope the rest of the cast put as much into the show; they only have 11 weeks in which to impress us.

Glee returns this Friday, January 9 with a double episode on Fox at 9pm ET.

Sara Hunter Smith