Sue Begins Her Ultimate Revenge In “The Hurt Locker, Part 1” On This Week’s Glee

Photo: FOX
Photo: FOX

Hello Gleeks!

Before we get into the recap, let’s talk about rival show choirs. Now we’ve had the one off show choirs before which range from the silly to bizarre. But the two main stays of the Ohio show choir world are the Dalton Academy Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline.

Now Will, Blaine, Rachel, and Kurt promised to keep things non-psychotic during competition. With Jane joining New Directions, however, it doesn’t seem to be going that way.

Food for thought, Gleeks, it’s food for thought.

Alright let’s get into talking about the episode, shall we?


Roaming Invitational: The Invitationals are back! I’m not sure what they are, but they appear every few seasons. So the Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline, and New Directions 3.0 will be competing. Rachel is worried about how a loss would affect her kids. She asks Will to have Vocal Adrenaline throw it to help her kids find better footing. Will is reluctant to agree to Rachel’s proposal but when he sees the picture of Finn and Miss Adler backstage, he decides to help his old student out.He decides to even the playing field in his own way by giving his kids new numbers to learn. Blaine refuses to do anything like because this is a rebuilding year for the Warblers. The New Directions 3.0, however, pretty much recognize that as a four-man band they are probably insanely screwed. Kurt pretty much agrees with them on the subject. Before they go out, Will tries to have a moment with the students of Vocal Adrenaline, who are kind of jerks. It’s clear that Will’s style and the Vocal Adrenaline way don’t really mesh. Everyone settles in to watch, thinking it’s friendly competition. Well Vocal Adrenaline are insanely good with their performance with tight dancing, great melodies, and insane costume changes. Both the Warblers and New Directions 3.0 are super intimidated by it.

The Final Vengeance of Sue Sylvester: Sue Sylvester has buried the hatchet with Will Schuester. She may want to destroy the fledgling New Directions, but Will is in Carmel now. So he’s not there for her to destroy. Except that when he leaves to go back to his new job at another school, he accidentally leaves an unused plastic fork behind, sparking Sue’s rage. So she and Becky go on a trip to her “Hurt Locker” where Sue stores all her plans for hate and revenge. There she tells Becky that she plans on retiring soon. So Sue is ready to start her final vengeance on the glee club and Will Schuester. Catching mini-drone footage of Will and Rachel discussing Will throwing the Invitational, Sue takes it to the Principal of Carmel, who is Principal Figgins sister named Abigail Figgins-Gunderson (who is played by Iqbal Theba in drag). Well Will is called to the office and apparently his job is on the line. When he goes to confront Sue about, she lets out an impressive two-minute rant blaming pretty much all the plot inconsistencies of the show on him. Will, however, knows that Sue is thinking about retirement soon due to Becky’s Twitter account. He promises to make sure that McKinley has a glee club long after she is gone.

Hypno-Sam: Sue hypnotizes Sam very easily. In her hypnotic suggestion she gives him a list of words that, if Sam hears them, make him feel overcome with love for Rachel. While out on a friend-date, Sam and Rachel talk about trying to re-find themselves in Lima. Apparently Sam has taken up glass blowing, and he gets her to admit that she wants to learn how to play the piano, which is one of his trigger words. So Sam gets Blaine to teach him and Rachel how to play, where Sue appears again and triggers the suggestion. While giving a pep talk to Rachel about knowing more then she realizes, the clueless Rachel seems to have a little crush on the hypnotized Sam. After Rachel thanks Sam for the encouragement and he says she didn’t need it because she’s amazing, the two of them have a shared musical fantasy. After this shared musical fantasy, they kiss. Per Sue’s hypnotic suggestion, Sam forgets about everything after the kiss. The next day, Rachel goes to see Sam about the kiss that he has forgotten. She asks him out and he politely turns her down. Sue hypnotizes Sam to go and sabotage Will with the command to blame Rachel if he gets caught. Will comes home and finds Sam opening his mailbox. Sam tells him that Rachel sent him to break into his mailbox and try to psych him out. Will believes Sam when he says that Rachel would do anything to win. This was the girl who once sent someone to a crackhouse. Sam also tells him that Rachel blames her for her TV show getting cancelled, “Run Joey Run”, and the time Finn accidentally broke her nose. Will is pissed and sends Sam on his way. As a consequence, Vocal Adrenaline goes all out at the Invitational.

Sue Ships Hardcore, Yo: Sue apparently is a Klaine shipper. She was devastated when she heard that they had broken up because she wants to be a their flower girl at their gay wedding. She tries to talk to Kurt into getting back together with Blaine, but Kurt remains firm. He is not going down that path and has met someone online. Besides Blaine and Dave are happy together. He won’t get between. Sue? Sue doesn’t care. She sets a bear cub loose in their apartment, terrifying Dave. Apparently she was confused about the term for a “bear” in the gay community, a burly and kind of hairy man. While at a dinner together at Breadstix, Dave and Blaine run into Dave’s host of former flames. Sue appears and tells them that they are third cousins through an ancestry website. When Kurt and Blaine later run into each in the auditorium, Blaine tells Kurt what is going. Kurt says that Sue more then likely forged the documents. She is, after all, Sue. With that in mind, Blaine seems to feel better. Until Kurt tells him that he is going on date with a guy he met online named Walter. Blaine seems a little bit bummed that his former love is moving on, but he wishes Kurt well for his date. Walter, when he shows up at Breadstix, turns out to be a recently out man in his fifties. Apparently Walter goes with the ‘you are only young as you feel’ policy and posted an old picture up. Kurt is obviously uncomfortable and he offers to leave. He didn’t want to scare off Kurt and has accidentally done so. Still Kurt says that it’s no problem and was just a surprise. Walter offers that they just have dinner as friends, which Kurt seems more relived to agree to.


“Bitch” sung by Sue Sylvester: I have no idea what happened during this song. Jane Lynch sounded good. I’m just confused. Like was it a fantasy where her head appeared in Jane’s locker and Rachel’s desk drawer? It was a good vocal and an excellent song choice. B+

“A Thousand Miles” sung by Rachel Berry and Sam Evans: What is going on with these musical numbers tonight?! Lea Michele and Chord Overstreet sound great together. Their voices blend well and the music is good. This is a song I really enjoy and the cover did it justice. B

“Rock Lobster” sung by Vocal Adrenaline: Damn. Will is really good at his job when you give a chance. They look great with their stylized hair and costumes and sound great, especially on a song so phenomenally silly. Max George has an excellent voice. I also just love the dancing which is really energetic and acrobatic. A

“Whip It” sung by Vocal Adrenaline: Oh. My. God. This song was also really well done. There were ring dancers! And the girls changed into hat shaped Devo dresses on stage! Plus cute guys in sleeveless shirts with whips! The vocals were also good and it’s kind of hard to screw up this song. I mean they went all kinds of crazy out for it. A

Next week, Invitationals continue and so does Sue’s revenge.

Bec Heim