Some Light On The Origin Story: J.K Simmons Reveals Some Kong: Skull Island Details

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A few weeks ago we reported about J.K Simmons joining Tom Hiddleston for Skull Island, a new adaptation of the very well-known story of King Kong. Naturally, we went wild. What’s not to love about a movie with J.K Simmons and Tom Hiddleston?

It was revealed last week that Michael Keaton is in talks to join the cast, which just makes it even more incredible than it already was. Casting choices were the only information we had from this project… until now.

J.K Simmons is currently everywhere thanks to his outstanding performance in Whiplash, so there are a lot of opportunities to ask for a bit of insight on this movie. It was the always incredible Josh Horowitz, from MTV, who actually got him to speak about it. He also tried to get Michael Keaton to drop a hint about it but his lips are sealed. Oh well, at least Simmons did!

The best part is that we now have a much clearer idea about the setting, and it’s a surprising one.

“It’s set in Detroit in 1971. It’s where I grew up, and we’re going to shoot in Detroit during baseball season so I’ll get to go to Tigers games. There’s a lot to like about [making] this movie,” Simmons shared.

That was a joke.

Oh wait. It wasn’t? Are you sure? Oh, well. Ok then.

What we knew was that it was going to be centered on King Kong’s origins, with a team of explorers going on an expedition to Kong’s home. Changing the time periods to the 1970s sounds interesting and risky, but are you absolutely sure Simmons wasn’t joking? It looks like it to me, but I’m going to keep pretending I believe it entirely.

Anyway, this change would be a fresh twist to an over-told story that looks like it can’t offer anything new. I love it, I truly do.

Add the incredible cast and you have a very satisfied viewer right here. I’m no fan of King Kong and everything about it, but they got me with this cast.

Kong: Skull Island or Skull Island (quoting Simmons, “it’ll have something about King Kong and/or Skull Island in the title”) is scheduled for a March 10, 2017 release. Oh, in glourious IMAX 3D.

I’ll leave you thinking of Hiddleston, Simmons and Keaton in IMAX 3D.