‘Sleepy Hollow’ is Getting a Makeover

Credit: Fox


Well it may come as no surprise to many of you that Sleepy Hollow is going to go through some creative changes, most likely due its lackluster second season.

The things that once made Sleepy Hollow so great have almost completely disappeared. For example, the show’s ability to make fun of itself, and Abby and Ichabod’s relationship. I mean why is there so much focus on the minor character Katrina Crane? I liked her way better as a background plot device.

According to Fox executive Dana Walden at the recent Fox presentation at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Sleepy Hollow will now be “a little more episodic” going forward, and I do not know if this is a good or bad thing. I do not even know what this means for the show. Is it going to be a baddie-a-day like on Supernatural with an overflowing story arc that ties the season together? Is it going to be more character driven, with each episode focusing on a different set of characters such as next week’s episode where we get to see Hawley’s backstory?

I honestly thinkĀ Sleepy Hollow is losing its mojo. I watched it for its humor first and apocalypse storyline second, and both are now gone. I do not need another demon-a-day show, Buffy and Supernatural have it covered. I need Abby and Ichabod making fun of the ridiculousness that is their lives. As you will see in my upcoming recap, I am not too pleased with this week’s idiotic and predictable and super whiney episode.

I do not believe this new format is going to save the show, let alone bring anything new or interesting to it. The characters have lost their spark and I have no idea how the show is going to get it back. This also leads me to the point that the show has lost its focus. We have two witnesses without an apocalypse to stop, I mean what do they even do?

I was almost interested by the angel last week, but he seems to be long forgotten in this week’s episode. What gives? Anyway, do you guys think it is time for Sleepy Hollow to end?


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