Rock the Road: Ed Sheeran Debuts His Driving on BBC’s Top Gear

Credit: Mark Yoeman
Photo: BBC Two

While one of our favourite Gingers, Ed Sheeran is part of the new British invasion , let’s all hope he is not in the driver’s seat after his filming for an upcoming appearance on BBC’s Top Gear, in the Star in a Reasonably Price Car segment.

For those that don’t watch the car show, the Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car is a segment where presenter Jeremy Clarkson interviews a celebrity. Then Clarkson shows a clip of their attempt to drive round the Top Gear track, which was filmed earlier. They are then put on to a leader board of times and we often see stars competing to beat one another.

The 23-year-old singer hopped in to the drives seat of the automatic Vauxhall Astra. This is despite the fact that he does not actually having a drivers license.

He sent out a tweet on Wednesday asking fans to wish him luck for his first every driving experience

Prior to his attempt, photos show Sheerhan getting tips from the show’s mysterious driver, The Stig , before taking a lap around track, which is a privately owned by the BBC show.

Despite coming off the tarmac and onto the grass verges a number of times, he emerged from the car still with his helmet on, a beaming smile and looking pretty happy with himself.  His post filming tweet was very positive.

In an interview last year with MailOnline, the chart topping artist has talked about his fear of going too fast when he does obtain his licence.

Sheeran said, “I still can’t drive. But if I did, I’d like a Mini. It’s kind of understated” he went on to say “Sports cars scare the shit out of me because they go so fast.”

Sheeran isn’t alone in the field of having mishaps on the segment.  Tom Hiddleston stalled it, and also sang a little and swore (a recurring theme).

Benedict Cumberbatch hilariously squeaked a popular line  from Die-Hard, and did a reallly good turn. He only came off the track ever so slightly just before crossing the finish line.

One of the show’s fans  favourite aspects is the in-car camera where we watch the stars talk to themselves, which is always hilarious.

When Hugh Jackman appeared, he seemed like a man possessed.


Sheeran’s episode can be seen in the UK on Top Gear, January 25 at 8pm, on BBC Two.

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