Oliver Queen is Resurrected on the Mid-Season Premiere of Arrow

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

Welcome to our first Arrow recap in 2015! And we start the year with “Left Behind”, an action-packed, heart-breaking new episode. Let’s get right to it.

The Aftermath
Team Arrow – still in the crime-fighting business – is trying to function properly in Oliver’s absence. But the uncertainty regarding their leader’s whereabouts is keeping all of them alert. While Roy and Diggle prepare themselves for the worst case scenario, Felicity refuses to believe Oliver could be dead. Only after Malcolm Merlyn delivers the murder weapon, Ra’s al Ghul’s sword, Felicity breaks. She decides to leave Team Arrow behind, at least for now, as the cause seems hopeless without the Arrow. The revelation of Oliver’s death results in some fantastic performances by Emily Bett Rickards, that woman is a true gem.

The New Baddie in Town
Early on in the episode we learn that Danny “Brick” Brickwell (even though “Brickwall” may have been a more fitting name…) means business and he is not one to consider mercy. He has literally been collecting criminals, by saving them from a prison sentence.. His goal: form an army and take over the Glades. It has already been confirmed that this story arc will span several episodes, so he will be back next week to wreak even more havoc.

Omega and Alpha, Life and Death
At this point the Hong Kong flashbacks blend nicely into what is happening in the present. 5 years ago Oliver and Maseo broke into a Hong Kong military facility to steal the counterpart to the previously targeted virus Omega, fittingly called Alpha. After successfully acquiring the viral, Oliver promises to help Maseo get his wife Katana back from the Chinese Triad. In the present Maseo pays his debt and takes the unconscious Oliver to Katana and she brings Oliver back to life. How did she do it? We will probably find out next week. What surprised me the most was that they did not make us wait and brought Oliver back right away. I thought we would have to sit it out a little longer.

Starting Small
Ray Palmer is still working on his A.T.O.M. suit, but he is faced with various technical challenges while perfecting it. As he turns to Felicity for help, she tells him she is not ready to lose another person she cares for in the fight for justice, and that he has to take this suicide mission on his own.

Felicity Smoak – The definite MVP of the episode. Her anger, her despair, her grief. Felicity makes us feel, in the best and worst way possible.

Diggle is donning the hood – I always enjoy John Diggle in the Arrow suit. It comes with an air of humor, even in the darkest times.

Oliver? – After finding the door to the lair open, the team storms down the stairs in hope that they will see Oliver has returned. Instead they find Malcolm Merlyn waiting for them. Talk about heart-breaking.

Diggle & Laurel’s friendship – I would pay good money to see this friendship explored further. These two could be fantastic together, pretty please?

The Black Canary Lives – After learning of Oliver’s death Laurel dons her deceased sister’s costume and decides to kick some serious ass. The promo for episode 11 “Midnight City” already promises more!

Oliver Queen is alive, again! – Our beloved hero returns to the living in all his shirtless glory. Thank you Katana.

Favorite Quote
“He survived Lian Yu, and Hong Kong, and God knows what else. He defeated Malcolm Merlyn and Slade Wilson. You have to believe in him.”
– Felicity Smoak

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