Nick Jonas Joins The Cast of New Ryan Murphy Show Scream Queens

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

The roster for Ryan Murphy’s new show Scream Queens is filling up, and the latest casting announcement will definitely get the fangirls excited.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Nick Jonas will be joining the cast of what Fox has dubbed a “horror-comedy”. The heart throb will be joining the already announced cast members which include Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, American Horror Story star Emma Stone, and of course Murphy’s favorite Lea Michele.

We don’t know any details about Jonas’s character however what are the odds of him being the campus heartbreaker? I certainly wouldn’t bet against that.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Scream Queens will tell the story of a college campus that is rocked by a number of murders.
We all know that Ryan Murphy knows how to make a must watch TV show, however we also know that Murphy isn’t very good at multi tasking, and I worry that American Horror Story will suffer even more now that he has a new baby.

Previously I would have always given any show written by Ryan Murphy a shot, however after just about surviving six seasons of Glee, I don’t think I have the energy to get invested into another RIB show. When it was announced that Jamie Lee Curtis was joining the cast I was excited, however with every subsequent casting announcement, my excitement has waned. I am not a fan of Lea Michele, and now with Nick Jonas joining the cast, the likelihood of me watching all 15 episodes of the show which will premiere in the Fall has reduced rapidly.

There is no doubt that Nick Jonas will bring even more viewers to the show, and I will be interested to see who will be playing what, and as always when we get more news we will let you know.

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