“Madness” Occurs This Week on ‘Revenge’

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This weeks episode of Revenge follows this season’s theme of “emotionally draining.”

The episode stars off with the promise that Victoria will be finally meeting her maker – that is until Emily talks David out of moving forward with his plan to kill Victoria.  We know…we know. In better news, it looks like instead of causing more bloodshed, the Clarkes will be opting to go away to get to know one another better.


Nothing good ever stays good on Revenge. Malcolm is back in town which means Jack, who killed his daughter, as well as David, now have their lives on the line. We do, however, gain some insight on David and Malcolm’s past with some flashbacks. LOVE when Revenge does that. We will say that, with Malcolm, It looks like Revenge has finally created a character more maniacal and scary than Conrad. We thought it meant good things when Malcolm was put in handcuffs come the episode’s end, but David makes us feel like the arrest Jack arranged just made their life that much worse.

Speaking of lives gone awry, it’s not looking to great for Louise whose brother just came into town. Unsurprisingly, there is something terribly suspicious about him. Oh, well, he and his family, allegedly, are drugging Louise against her knowledge. We knew here was a reason why we have more and more sympathy for her as we get to know her – her hallucinations are triggered by the drug that her pills are laced with. She is a sweetie at heart. On that note, Nolan’s love and care for Louise is just growing sweeter and sweeter every episode…WE SHIP IT SO HARD. Shout out to Gabriel Mann for owning that scene where Nolan tells off her brother. Nevertheless, it seems like he doesn’t seem to be too aware of what is happening with his sister either.

Following Nolan’s confrontation, Emily engages in conflict head on when she meets Victoria where David sent Malcolm in hopes that he would do the dirty work of killing the Queen Grayson for him. As we expected, David’s plan just worked TOO well. Yeah, Emily got shot. The woman won’t be able to dodge death every time, leaving us very VERY anxious about what’s to come.

Oh, and Margaux and Ben know Emily is Amanda. There’s that.

Nolanism of the night: Gentlemen prefer blondes 

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues