Large Portion of ‘Sherlock’ Fans Say No to Setlock

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

Earlier today we reported on some spoiler pictures from filming of Sherlock’s Christmas special. Now I am always one for teaser’s for the shows and movies I watch because that is one way that helps me to get excited to see what is coming, but some fans of Sherlock seem to be taking this to an extreme and a large portion of the fandom isn’t happy with it.

It seems that hundreds of fans of the show will spend hours waiting around at shoots to see its stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Social media has given it the name #setlock, which I was actually unfamiliar with until writing this article. I had seen it around, but never really known what it was about until now.

Earlier this week we had also reported on an interview Martin Freeman did with The Independent in which he discussed the long hiatuses and the pressure that the hundreds of fans who show up put on the filming process. It appears to be a difficult side to be on because on the one hand the fans being there disrupts the filming process, but, on the other, he doesn’t want to be unappreciative of their support.

Mark Gatiss, the show’s co-creator and plays Mycroft, has also spoken out about the presence of the fans; they have had to change the way they make the show. With so many people present it gives so much of the show away, which is a big part of Sherlock. As any fan of the series can tell you the amount of frustration they have felt over each and every cliffhanger. However, I think that is one of the reasons why the show is so great – because it makes you want to come back after all that time waiting just to find out what happens next.

According to a poll by RadioTimes, it seems that a large portion, 77% of 5000 people to be exact, believe that fans should not be lingering around at the shoots. These people would like Setlockers to let the actors get on with their jobs and wait for the show to air just like everyone else.

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The pictures from Setlock posted today, originally posted by the Gloucester News Centre, showed fans in the background taking their own pictures, so I can only imagine the other kinds of pictures that will be posted by fans for everyone to see thus releasing spoilers for anyone who comes across it. Sure, they dubbed the name #setlock for that reason, but that doesn’t always mean the photos don’t show up unsuspectingly. It is good to see so many people speaking out about this, though I don’t really think it would ever discourage everyone from attending, and because it is filmed in public it would be difficult to keep fans away.

Filming is currently underway for the Christmas special. So Sherlock fans only eleven more months to go!


Kelli Heidelberger