Kurt And Blaine Are Trapped In “The Hurt Locker, Part Two” On This Week’s Glee

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

Hey Gleeks!

Last week on Glee, we delved deeper into the psychosis of one Sue Sylvester as she uses hypnosis and trickery to take down the former members of the glee club once and for all because of an unused plastic fork. Also she tries to get Klaine back together by using bear cubs and falsified familial lineage. Vocal Adrenaline also performed. They were very intimidating.

Don’t worry. That baffled feeling that you are having right now? That was me last week. I’m still not sure what I watched.

This week, the Warblers perform and New Directions grows. Or, at least, they hopefully grow. Because well there were twelve members at this episode point of season one and there are only four now.

So members are needed badly.

Let’s see if they got them.


The Invitational Continue: The Invitational continues where we had immediately left off. Vocal Adrenaline nailed their performance. Sue has taken the stage saying that the Invitational will be a three-day event, that it will continue classic songs, and that the show will go on even if choir directors were kidnapped. Rachel is pissed that Will had given her some real competition instead of going soft on them. Before the New Directions goes on, the pair of them has a talk. Rachel says that Will did his job and she can’t begrudge him of that. He tells her that he is proud of what she is doing because she is with kids who like her, rather then ones who don’t. Will does mention that he is mad about the mail fraud, and the pair of them work out that Sue was behind that rather quickly. New Directions 3.0 performs. Just a side note because it’s starting to annoy me: can’t these kids get through one song without it cutting to flashbacks? It is kind of rude. Yet it’s a winner. The New Directions 3.0 win with Vocal Adrenaline placing second, and the Warblers place third. After, Will tries to talk with one of his students, Clint, who threatens his job before leaving. Sue tells Will that the songs have purged her anger. After their win, Rachel and Kurt are given warm thanks by New Directions 3.0 for being amazing teachers.

Rachel Has To Win Over Kitty: Kurt tells Rachel that she needs to go and get Kitty back, the only remaining New New Directioner left. Rachel says it can’t be her because Kitty hates her. This is mainly due to the fact that Rachel was Rachel. Rachel tracks down Kitty in the hallway the next day and tries to win her over with Facebook stalking. Kitty says that she gave New Directions her all and that it just hurt her in the end. All of her friends are gone, and she’s only at McKinley because Sue needed her. She doesn’t want to give it her all and then be left in the dust when Rachel abandons them the first moment a new opportunity presents itself. Kitty loves performing but she refuses to be hurt by that again. Kitty does stop in during the Warbler’s performance. Kitty comes to Rachel later and tells her that she’s in. Rachel says that’s great but she has no idea what kind of songs to use. Kitty, however, uses her cunning to come up with a plan by finding out Sue’s emotionally vulnerable songs. This will form their set list. New Directions 3.0 is reluctant because, for once, the club actually has a rehearsed set list ahead of time. Kitty tells them to stop complaining and to step up.

Fake Elevator Of Love: Sue continues to try to force Kurt and Blaine back together. This time, she disguises herself as Breadstix waiter and crashes Walter and Kurt’s date. That’s right Walter and Kurt are kind of a couple now. Sue makes a lot of age jokes as she sets them up to be served. Kurt tries to apologize, but Walter says he shouldn’t. He thinks that Sue’s jokes are funny and cracks a few of his own as well. He then asks how old Sue is, effectively shutting her down. Sue is not deterred from her getting Klaine back together, however, and takes Becky back to her Hurt Locker/Klaine Shrine to regroup. Her next plan is making a fake elevator and locking Kurt and Blaine inside of it. Using a very bizarre and nightmare inducing puppet from the Saw movies, Sue tells them that they can leave when they kiss. Until then, however, the temperature will rise, and there is erotic food for them to eat. The pair spend hours together, playing games and reconnecting. The creepy Jigsaw comes back and tells them that the air is being drugged. Eventually Kurt and Blaine decide that the kiss will not mean anything and kiss. Except, it looks like the kiss does mean something when they pull apart. Kurt and Blaine confront Sue about her plan and threaten to call the cops. Blaine tells her that the plan has backfired and that he and Kurt now know that they work better as friends. 

Came In Like A Pendulum: Sue continues her strange, strange revenge on the glee club and Rachel. She hypnotizes Sam (again) and tells him to continue to seduce Rachel. She also gives a list of three songs to convince her to use, which I don’t even believe are real. (And if they are…why?) Sam tracks down Rachel in the choir room, who was trying to file a Missing Persons report on Kurt, and tries to awkwardly seduce her. Rachel, literally, snaps Sam out of it. He apologizes for his advances and says that he has no idea what has been going on with him lately. Rachel says that she needs his help to get more members for the club. She needs to start trusting her instincts about the music and gives him the songs back. Sam, meanwhile, finds Spencer in the locker room planning out strategy. Spencer greets him and says that he can’t wait to be quarterback. Sam says that he can’t let Spencer be quarterback if he’s going to be scared of what he enjoys. He’s seen Spencer hang around the choir room and listen to the singing. Spencer says that it’s hard to be out and one of the guys. He needs to be tougher and stronger and manlier, as if he has to make up for being gay. To join the glee club, it would invite trouble that he’s not sure he can handle. Sam sits him down and tells him about Finn. The changes that Finn had brought by being brave enough to admit that yeah he liked football but he also liked to sing. Spencer finally agrees to join.

Bec’s Random Observations

Fun fact: Walter is played by Harry Hamlin. He was in L.A. Law and the original Clash of the Titans.

Spencer is actually an interesting dichotomous character. He’s gay but can’t indulge in stereotypically gay activities. Even if he wants to since it will hurt a masculine image he has cultivated. Like he’s gay, but he’s a bro. It’s a great character motivator.

I like all the blue outfits for New Directions 3.0. It’s a nice call back to season one’s Invitational.


“My Sharona” sung by Dalton Academy Warblers: This was a super short performance, yet it was dynamic. I don’t know who was singing lead but they totally nailed it. The choreography was awesome and I highly recommend the full version of the song. A-

“You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) sung by Dalton Academy Warblers: This one was not as good, but that’s because I really like the Pitch Perfect version. Again super fun choreography mixed with great acapella tones, which is where the Warblers usually shine. B+

“It Must Have Been Love” sung by Kitty and Spencer with New Directions 3.0: It’s great to hear Becca Tobin sing again. She and Marshall Williams sound great together but maybe not as dynamic as the other singers? I don’t know there was something here that made stop from fully embracing it. B+

“Father Figure” sung by Roderick with New Directions 3.0: NOAH GUTHRIE PLEASE SING MORE! Now this was the one that took me awhile to warm up with multiple listens. It gets better every listen. I adore the fact that Roderick seems to be coming a bit more from his shell. Noah Guthrie’s voice continues to be one of the most interesting pleasant ones in the show’s history. A-

“All Out Of Love” sung by Mason and Madison with New Directions 3.0: Billy Lewis Jr and Laura Dreyfuss sound great together. Though I question the decision to have in-show siblings sing this song. I really liked the simplicity of the number, stool numbers are rare for the group, and the vocals really shine through. Plus I admit that I have a major soft spot for the song. A

Next week, Brittany’s parents appear, and there’s love in the air.

Bec Heim