Klainers Rejoice! Sue Sylvester Is On A Mission To Reunite Kurt and Blaine

 Klainers Rejoice! Sue Sylvester Is On A Mission To Reunite Kurt and Blaine
Credit: Fox/ ET Online


Glee’s Sue Sylvester is a huge Klaine fan, who knew? Well of course, logic dictates that she would be because how can you not? The latest sneak peek released by ET Online ahead of Friday’s episode, “The Hurt Locker Part 1”, gives us a glimpse into the storage locker where Sue stores all her resentment.

It’s a truly awesome sight (watch out for the picture of Dijon Talton labelled as ‘missing’), but what’s even better is what lies behind it. Sue Sylvester has created a Klaine shrine reminiscent of many a fangirl/boy’s bedroom, and it’s a masterpiece.

“There a little love shrine,” Jane Lynch explains in the clip. “As it turns out, Sue Sylvester is a huge fan of Klaine, and she’s going to go on a crusade to get them married.”

And bam, Sue Sylvester becomes an instant fan favourite- as if she wasn’t already. Praise the Lord that someone, somewhere has the sense to knock their heads together. They certainly can’t rely on their so-called closest friends to realise that they’re both entirely miserable being apart and yes, Rachel Berry I am looking right at you.

The most laughable point in the entire clip is Kurt claiming he doesn’t want to get back together with Blaine. Yeah right. Keep telling yourself that sunshine, there’s just a few million people out here who know the truth, and Sue Sylvester is one of them.

The episode on Friday marks the start of Klaine’s reconciliation, which simply cannot come soon enough. We will all be waiting for the promo for “The Hurt Locker Part 2”, however, with the now infamous and much longed-for elevator scene. It had better be as good as we are all hoping!