Kindred Spirits Are Brought Together This Week on Revenge


We know happy things don’t last long on Revenge, which is why we didn’t hold our breath when Emily and David made plans to run away together to get to know one another all over again. While the father/daughter bonding did bleed into the most recent episode, Emily and David both had too much on their plate to contemplate running away this week.

As her story as the Revenge-seeking Emily Thorne is coming to an end, Emily is finding herself choosing between continuing life as Emily Thorne and re-creating life as Amanda Clarke. While the theme remains prevalent in this week’s episode, this time around Emily comes second to Louise and Nolan, the lucky couple.

Last time we heard, Louise had killed her father. While we do admit we were sceptical about the truth behind Louise’s mother’s words, we were definitely pleased when Emily’s coaching and Nolan’s genius uncovered the truth – Louise’s mother murdered her father. Her cheating mother lost her patience with her father, causing her to push him off the top of the stairs, placing blame on her daughter who also witnessed the accident.

World’s worst parent award goes to…

The crazy events of this episode take place against the backdrop of the swankiest part of this season – Nolan and Louise’s wedding reception. The pair looked incredible, Revenge’s costume design team outdoing themselves yet again.

This episode of Revenge was, surprisingly, happy and nostalgic, packed with adorable father/daughter moments between Emily and David. The good guys win out and the villains get exposed, all the while looking fabulous in a larger than life Hampton’s home. Oh, and Victoria’s sass is directed towards a woman who doesn’t quite know who she is dealing with, making us think her attention will be diverted from Emily for a while.

The only thing to worry about at this time is Margaux. The scorned pregnant woman will stop at nothing to take down Emily Thorne and, quite frankly, we believe she has it in her.  While she has video evidence of Emily and Jack killing Kate, Margaux’s kind feelings towards Jack are clearly making her have second thoughts. Well, we aren’t all that worried because, as she said, Emily has friends. Jack, Nolan, David, and Louise. Not to mention the especially friendly Ben.

Everything was great.

Until Jack saw Emily kissing Ben


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues