Jane Lynch Talks About The End of “Glee” Ahead of Final Season Premiere

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

Just a few hours until the two-hour Glee season six premiere and Jane Lynch seems to have quietly dropped a bomb on the fandom.

Lynch, who plays McKinley High School principal and tracksuit fetishist Sue Sylvester, talks about the final season in a short video shown on Fox News. This is no surprise – after all the cast have been bombarding us with nostalgic clips for the last couple of weeks.

What is unexpected, however, is what Lynch says about “2009”, the episode which was rumoured to be number nine in the season line-up of 13. She says; “We do an episode that might end up being our last episode, we’ve shot it already, where we go back in time and some things are resolved and some feelings are resolved and it’s quite sweet and it’s, y’know, quite touching and I think that if that indeed is the last episode I think it’ll be a wonderful ribbon on the package that has been Glee”.

Well. There are various reactions on social media to Lynch’s statement, ranging from “OMG they’re going to cancel Glee halfway through” to “what if “2009” is episode 13 after all”?  One thing we can definitely say about Glee is this; the writers have always kept plenty of…surprises in store for we Gleeks, and have more or less kept us on our toes for the last six years. Should this season really be any different?

Lynch also says they have “three episodes left to shoot”, and that it’s the longest job and “most impactful show” she’s been on. Well, that’s certainly true.

She continues “there’s kids out there whose lives, I think, have been greatly enhanced, if not changed and made better because of this show; because a kid watches this show and thinks they’re all alone with certain feelings, whether they’re gay or they’re in a wheelchair or they have Downs Syndrome, or have, y’know, that typical childhood teenage angst, and you watch these kids go through it and have people around them who love them. I don’t think there’s anything more impactful or powerful than that”.

Lynch also says that the show’s “loyal audience” should feel “satisfied with this final season”. I think we should reserve judgement until the season’s end to agree with you there, Jane. There are so many frankly bizarre storylines and characterisations that I don’t think any of the fans really know what to think.

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Sara Hunter Smith