Here Are The Songs We Will Hear in Glee’s “What The World Needs Now” Episode

What The World Needs Now Is New Glee Stills From 6x06
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So we know what is ahead of us for episode 6 of this final season of Glee, and now we can reveal the songs that we will hear in the episode which is dedicated to the legendary work of Burt Bacharach.

I was already excited for “What the World Needs Now” because I have always been a fan of Bacharach’s songbook, and from the images that we have already seen it looks like a fantastic episode. The episode also contains the show’s 700th performance. That is quite the milestone for the show to have reached, and I think we will be in for an amazing group number in celebration.

We don’t know who the singers on all the songs are just yet, but out of the numbers which don’t have singers attached to them I am hoping that one of these will be a Klaine duet.

“I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” – made famous by Dionne Warwick covered by Rachel Berry and Sam Evans

The song was originally written for the musical Promises, Promises which debuted in 1968. This is one of the most recognisable Bacharach songs, and the most famous version of the song is Dionne Warwick’s 1969 version. This song has the infamous line, “What do you get when you kiss a guy? You get enough germs to catch pneumonia”. This is a strange line to have in any song.

Considering the to and fro which is going on between Rachel and Sam at the moment, it will be interesting to see what this song means for Samchel.

“Baby It’s You” – made famous by The Shirelles

Although this song was made famous by the girl group in the 1960s, the song has been recorded by acts such as The Beatles, and The Carpenters. Most recently Adele sang it with Bacharach in 2008.

There is no indication of who will be singing this one, however listening to the song it could make for a lovely duet between Santana and Brittany.

“Wishin’ and Hopin’” – made famous by Dusty Springfield covered by Mercedes Jones

This 1964 classic which gave Dusty Springfield a Top Ten hit is obviously a favourite of Ryan Murphy, as he used the Springfield version in the second episode of American Horror Story: Asylum.

I can’t wait to hear Amber Riley sing this, as there is no doubt she will do this song brilliantly.

“Arthur’s Theme (Best You Can Do)” – made famous by Christopher Cross sung by New Directions Boys and Alumni Men

This song was written for Arthur, the 1981 movie which starred Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli.

This is obviously the number when the boys are all in their top hats and tails, and Blaine is playing piano (something which is always welcomed). This could be one of the best numbers in the episode.

“Promises, Promises”made famous by Dionne Warwick

This was the title song from the musical Promises, Promises, and it is one of Bacharach’s less well known songs.

We don’t know who will be singing this yet, however after listening it I have a feeling it could end as a Rachel number.

“(They Long to Be) Close to You” – made famous by The Carpenters

The 1970 version of this song recorded by The Carpenters is instantly recognizable as a Bacharach song, and it had to be included.

This is another unknown song at the moment. I think this would make a perfect Klaine duet as they work their way back to each other. The harmonies would be beautiful.

“Alfie” – made famous by Dionne Warwick covered by Santana Lopez

This 1967 song was originally meant to be used in the Michael Caine movie of the same name, and in the UK had been recorded by Cilla Black. Again, it is one of Bacharach’s lesser known songs, in spite of the chart success the song had on both sides of the Atlantic.

I can’t wait to hear Naya Rivera sing this song. I love Rivera’s voice and to hear her sing a softer song will be a real highlight.

“What The World Needs Now” – first recorded by Jackie DeShannon covered by New Directions 3.0, Alumni, and Will Schuester

This song has to be the ultimate song in the back catalogue of Burt Bacharach, and has been recorded by so many people since it’s release in 1965, including Dionne Warwick, Judy Garland, Barry Manilow, and more recently Coldplay.

This song is classed as the 700th song that the show has done, and quite rightly will feature all the cast in the song, and I can’t think of a better song to celebrate that.

This episode is going to be a bumper one with so many awesome songs to look forward.

“What the World Needs Now” will air February 6th at 9pm EST on FOX.

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