Glee Takes Us Behind The Scenes To Meet Some Old Favourites!

Glee Takes Us Behind The Scenes To Meet Some Old Favourites!
Credit: Glee on Fox Facebook


The return of Glee is just 4 days away. We’ve nearly done it, Gleeks, we’ve nearly survived this massive hiatus and now we’re ready for the good stuff to come. Klainers- you might need to wait until after episode 5 at least!

ET have already given us a sneak peek at ‘Take on Me’, one of the songs from the premiere episode of season 6, and now this lovely little featurette takes us behind the scenes of that song.

It is always such a joy to see Jane Lynch on my screen in any capacity, and I just need to take a moment to show my appreciation for the wonderfulness that is Sue Sylvester. She has kept me wholly entertained for all 5 seasons so far and the only good thing for me about the show returning to its McKinley roots is more screen time for her.

Anyway, the behind the scenes glimpse also gives us a chance to hear from the lovely Mark Salling and Amber Riley, who return to the show as Puck and Mercedes respectively. There’s something quite sweetly nostalgic to see all our favourite originals on screen, though I am still bitter that Blaine is not there among them and that he’s not the one responsible for that smile on Kurt’s face.

All that aside, I do genuinely hope this signals a return to form for Glee in its final season. The cast look utterly gorgeous; what a beautiful bunch they are. The song is…okay, I guess, though I do prefer the original which rarely happens with Glee covers but it does (and this I am excited about) have the old Glee energy about it, which I hope will last through to the end of this show.