‘Glee’ Goes Through a Period of “Transitioning” in the 6×07 Episode Summary

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

Hey Gleeks!

Glee‘s final season has not been as filled with the insanity that I have come to expect from the series.

Actually, so far it’s been pretty decent. Maybe having a shorter episode number helped with getting tighter writing.

Of course, this also means that we are winding down on spoilers. I imagine the closer we get to the series finale, the more tight lipped everyone will be.

That is not the case now, however, because Tumblr account fyeahgleeclub has gotten their hands on the summary for episode seven of season six, “Transitioning”.

Let’s see what the summary says, shall we?

While Will is euphoric over his new job coaching Vocal Adrenaline and all the perks that come with it, he still confesses to missing the camaraderie of New Directions. After learning of a mean-spirited prank his students pulled on rival coaches Rachel and Blaine, he tries to teach his kids about tolerance by making it his weekly lesson plan. But not everyone is willing to accept Will’s softer, all-inclusive style of coaching, forcing him to take a hard look at the choices he’s made in order to figure out his next move. Rachel must come to terms with the fact her family home has finally been sold and all her memories appear to be going away with it. While she is despondent over the turn of events, Sam recruits the other gleeks to stage an intervention of sorts in order to help her get past the challenging milestone with a fun, song-filled sendoff. A post-op Coach Beiste, who has changed his name to Sheldon, returns to McKinley to receive an uncharacteristically warm but typically over-the-top welcome-back from Sue. While his return has several supporters and a few detractors, it takes a bold move from several old-school gleeks to make him really feel at home again. And the romantic tension that has been brewing between Sam and Rachel finally boils over, while Kurt and Blaine find themselves in a familiar situation that brings back old memories.

Well, alright then.

I have pretty much accepted the fact that I may be the only person on the planet Earth who likes Will Schuester. I don’t like what the writers have done to him, but I still like the character. I am fine the plot, maybe. If it is him the one thing he hasn’t quite picked up that you need to know when to be firm and when to be soft and find a balance between the two.

I am glad to see Sheldon return as I still have a soft spot for Coach Bieste. Even though I feel like the story kind of came out of nowhere, the way that Dot-Marie Jones handled his coming out was excellent. Seriously Jones deserves like so many acting awards because she knows how to sell a scene. So I’m happy to see the character of Sheldon Bieste make a return. Plus I like the fact that Sue has remembered her promise to remain supportive of his transition.

It seems like Sue has learned a lot since she put that really offensive Port-a-John in the choir room during “The End of Twerk” last season when Unique didn’t want to use the men’s bathroom because it made her uncomfortable.

Speaking of characters I like and am glad to see return this season, Unique is coming back! That’s right on the guest star list with the episode, there is Alex Newell’s name. Yay!

According to the rumor mill, Unique will be singing “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray with a Transpersons Choir.

Of all the spoilers, I’m mostly surprised that they are pursuing a Rachel and Sam romantic thing. I mean don’t get me wrong, it shows that Rachel has grieved appropriately if she is moving on after Finn’s death. I’ll give the show points for something resembling reality when I can. They were pretty adamant, however, in the past about Rachel and Sam not being a couple. Guess things changed?

“Transitioning” will air on February 13th.

Bec Heim