Fan Fun Friday: Smile, We Are Groot! It’s James Gunn Doing The Baby Groot Dance!

AP Images/Invision.
AP Images/Invision.

Ever since it was revealed that James Gunn was the dance master behind Baby Broot’s adorable dance, I have been patiently waiting for either the original footage of James dancing being leaked or him recreating the dance. The latter finally happened.

Although he led a massive session of Grooting at Dragon Con, it wasn’t done with enough passion, you know? I want to feel that Baby Groot enthusiasm on every move, Gunn!

But then, last Monday happened. About a week ago, an Instagram video happened where we saw James doing the dance at the UCB Theatre LA during the Doug Loves Movies podcast. Although that short video was enough to give me a fangirl breakdown, the “larger” version is better. Mainly because Michael Rooker (Yondu) and Sean Gunn joined the fun too!

“So I posted the shorter Instagram version of this a couple days ago. I was doing a Doug Loves Moves podcast with Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn when Doug asked me about being the motion reference for Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. I responded this was true, yes, I was, when he asked me if I could do the dance, and he started playing the Jackson Five’s ‘I Want You Back’. I asked if they were filming the podcast, and they said no. So I started doing the Groot dance, looked up, and saw a hundred cameras aimed at me. I forgot you guys did that all the time.

Whatever the case, I’m obviously not too embarrassed because I’m posting it now. Enjoy.”, read the post on James’ Facebook page.

James, listen to me: that video makes me extremely happy. It’s pure joy and happiness. I am thankful that seeing all the cameras didn’t stop you from doing the best dance ever. And you look really good in that blazer, by the way.

Watch James doing the happiest dance of all and smile!

PS. I love James Gunn.