“Epitaph” for Daniel This Week on ‘Revenge’


Revenge is back after a mid season finale that left us reeling. Last time we visited the Hamptons Daniel took a bullet for Emily and Jack shot down his FBI girlfriend who, turns out, is the daughter of Malcolm Black, David Clarke’s arch nemesis of sorts.

Revenge picked up this week right where we left off before the lengthy hiatus that gave us some (read: a lot) of anxiety. We see David and Victoria respond to hearing the gun shot by rushing to Grayson manor, where the pair discover Daniel’s body. Madeline Stowe gives a heartbreaking performance this week, as Victoria’s reaction to the death of her son is painful and was fairly hard to watch. All episode long you feel the emptiness of not having Daniel around as every character reacts in their own way. Karine Vanasse is spectacular in this episode from the moment Margaux learns of Daniel’s death, to when she warns Emily of the oncoming storm.

Emily tells the story that Daniel attacked her which caused her to shoot her gun out of self-defense. This story may hold up for the police but it’s definitely not holding up for Margaux. Ben on the other hand is also growing suspicious but seems to back off when Emily quite convincingly explains the nature of her relationship with Daniel. Speaking of, the flashbacks of Emily and Daniel make us very nostalgic, and made us tear quite a bit. We miss Daniel. A lot.

Of course, Louise manages to fit into the scenario subtly and quickly. As usual, we don’t quite know what her game is yet. She is shacking up with Nolan as a result of Daniel’s death but doesn’t quite seem to trust her bestie all that much. She snatches an important looking envelope, which Victoria tells her to dispose of.

Everyone is on tiptoes this week as there is so much at stake. Even though it seemed inevitable all episode that Malcolm Black would rear his head, we were pretty surprised to see that, regardless of all the super tech stunts Nolan pulled to prevent this from happening, the villain just strolled into town.

We can’t imagine next week being uneventful. Malcolm Black has come to town and David seems to be hatching some sort of plan to bring Victoria down…permanently.



Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues