Conflict Between Rogers And Stark: How Age of Ultron Will Set Up Civil War


Captain America: Civil War hasn’t even began filming yet but Marvelites are the fandom that never sleep, and we want to know everything we can about how every single detail connects all the upcoming movies. You didn’t think there was not going to be a link between Age of Ultron and Civil War, did you?

In addition to the scene between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark that leaked a few months ago that showed the ever-growing tension between them, now we have a clearer idea of what the core of the conflict will be.

Digital Spy visited the set of Age of Ultron and has a list of 25 things they learned during this visit. One of these things is the base of the conflict for Civil War, as explained by producer Jeremy Latcham.

“Much of the Avengers’ problem boils down to their lack of a clear leader post-Winter Soldier. ‘SHIELD has fallen apart, so this movie becomes Tony Stark and Steve Rogers trying to put the Avengers together without a parental unit like Nick Fury hovering over them’, explains Latcham. ‘What you realise is that these are guys who work best with rules, and probably do need some adult supervision’.

And as anybody who watched the first film can guess, Tony and Cap aren’t an ideal leadership pairing. ‘Tony has been paying for everything, designing stuff, building new toys, he’s the benefactor of the whole thing. But Steve Rogers is very much in charge of operations and missions, he’s the moral compass’, Latcham goes on. ‘But how long can Tony Stark have someone else be in charge?’ In other words, groundwork is being distinctly laid for the Stark vs Rogers core of Civil War”.

There you have it.

In comicverse, the conflict goes around the Superhuman Registration Act, which requires anyone with powers to register with the government. Tony is pro-registration and Steve is anti-registration. This makes the rest of the superheroes take sides and so the battle begins.

Even though I am completely aware that Marvel hasn’t been 100% loyal to the comics (which is a good thing, by the way) I was quite sure the Superhuman Registration Act was going to be the center of the conflict in the movie. It makes sense that the conflict will be around who takes the lead now, especially because Tony and Steve have very different personalities that clash most of the time, but I’m not losing hope on the Registration Act popping up to set the battle on fire.

Imagine this: Tony and Steve arguing over and over about who should take the lead, and then BAM! The government is forcing every single one of them to register. One is up for it, the other one is against it, so now even more than before, they want to take the lead and either register them all or not. This looks so good in my head, I hope it happens!

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released on May 1st, while Captain America: Civil War will start shooting in April for a May 6, 2016 release.