Character Progression: Robert Downey Jr Talks of Tony Stark’s Role in Captain America: Civil War

Photo: Marvel

If you are a Marvelite and you’re not excited about Captain America: Civil War, then I believe there’s something wrong and you should re-think that choice. Unless you’re not excited to see Captain America go against Iron Man because it’s going to hurt your feels really bad; in that case, I totally understand.

Once Age of Ultron is released, the next highly anticipated Marvel film will be Captain America: Civil War, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and based on Mark Millar’s seven-issue series. After the U.S government passes the Superhero Registration Act, which forces the registration of any person with superpowers, the superhero world is divided in two: those who are pro-registration (Iron Man) and those who are anti-registration (Captain America). So the conflict begins.

You are excited, I am excited, we are all excited! But what about the cast?

In an interview with Empire Magazine, my number one actual superhero Robert Downey Jr spoke about what drove him to take part on Civil War and what this could mean for Tony Stark’s future in the MCU.

“They said to me, ‘If we have you, we can do this, or Cap 3 has to be something else’. It’s nice to feel needed. And at this point it’s about helping each other, too. I look at it as a competition and I go, ‘Wow, maybe if these two franchises teamed up and I can take even a lesser position, with people I like and directors I respect, maybe we can keep things bumping along,” Downey explained.

It’s no secret that Tony Stark will go through some inner changes during Civil War. It’s obvious, due to the circumstances, so you better get ready to see some transgression in Tony during this battle. Don’t worry, though: Robert says it’s a natural thing. If Robert says so, then you must believe him.

“It’s natural to change your views. The main thing to me is, what sort of incident could occur, and what sort of framework could we find Tony in? The clues about where we might find him next are in Ultron. But what would it take for Tony to completely turn around everything he’s stood for? Joss brings this up all the time. It’s kind of weird that these guys would have all these throw downs all over planet Earth and yet when the movie’s over, nobody minds. What would the American government do if this were real? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Tony doing something you wouldn’t imagine?” Downey shared.

One of the things that have sparkled controversy among the fandom is whether Iron Man will be a sort-of villain or not. Robert has come to shut you all up.

He said, “I wouldn’t put it that way. The biggest question is, for Chris and for Cap, how do we bring Cap to a place where people go, ‘Man, I never thought I would see such a vast change in Steve’. After you see Snowpiercer, you’re like, ‘I want to see a little bit of that guy’.”

Stop it, Robert. You are making me more anxious about it and it hasn’t even started filming!

Captain America: Civil War will be released on May 6, 2016.