Champers Alright For You Pats? Jennifer Saunders Says 2015 Is The Year Of The Absolutely Fabulous Film


Put the champers on ice and grab your latest, wildest Dior or Lagerfeld sweeties, as it looks like the long awaited AbFab movie might finally be making an appearance.

It has been over two years since our favourite binge-drinking, drug-taking duo, PR agent Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and her best friend, magazine editor Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley) last graced our television screens as part of a 3-episode London Olympics special and to celebrate 20th anniversary of the show. However, Saunders has been working on a movie script for the past twenty years and has finally finished it.

Speaking to The Mirror’s Sunday People, Saunders was pleased to announce: “I’ve finished the first draft. I’m feeling euphoric. My proper New Year’s resolution is to do the film, otherwise it’ll be a pointless year of procrastination.”

However, it may not be the Eddie and Patsy we know and love gracing the screen. Saunders joked that for the film she would love to see Angelina Jolie as Patsy and Eddie played by an orangutan. Ah Jennifer, you certainly sell yourself short.

If all goes to plan, that means we may have the film, titled Edina and Patsy, in cinemas for summer 2016! That’s fabulous, darling!

Along with Eddie and Patsy, the film script features Eddie’s straight-laced daughter Saffy (Julia Sawalha) and her doddering mum (June Whitfield). After all, it’s not AbFab unless the duo are causing consternation for poor Saffy.

The series was peppered with guest appearances from some big name stars. From Baby Spice, to Naomi Campbell, to Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix, stars from TV, film, music and fashion have lined up to star in the show, often playing themselves, and the movie seems to follow suit. Already Saunders has promised Glee star and big Saunders fan, Chris Colfer a part in the film. While out in Australia on a promotional book tour last year, Saunders said, “I have promised – you know Glee, I’ve promised Chris Colfer that he can be in it, and I’ve said it so often that now he has to be in it.”

Yet another reason you’ll have me lining up to see this film.

While we only have a completed script, and remember it is still only a first draft, you can be sure that we’ll be following the development of the movie with much interest. Until then, stay fabulous sweetie!

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