Arrow Continues the Black Canary Trilogy with “Midnight City”

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Another Wednesday, another Arrow episode, and episode 11 “Midnight City,” the second part of the promised “Black Canary Trilogy,” was all about working in a new team, and finding a reason to continue to fight.

The League is Hovering: While Oliver is recovering from his fight with Ra’s al Ghul, we find out that Maseo and his wife Tatsu have not been in contact for the last few years, which is a stark contrast to what the Flashbacks show us. There is a story there and I want it told. Five years ago Oliver and Maseo fought the Triad in order to reunite Tatsu with her family. In the present, a group of League assassins shows up at the cabin, demanding Oliver’s body, and Maseo and Tatsu are forced to kill them. Maseo is still loyal to the League, even though he saved Oliver’s life, and decides to return. He knows it might mean his death. And I am certain that it will, because no one betrays the League and gets out alive.

The Fight for the Glades Continues: Back in Starling City, Brick and his team storm the police station and take three aldermen hostage. His plan: move the police force out of the Glades, so that the area is ready for a take-over. When Laurel and Roy try to interfere, one alderman gets killed. Eventually Team Arrow manages to free the remaining alderman, but Brick is still successful: Captain Lance announces that the police will evacuate the Glades, as Brick and his army continue to be a very real threat to everyone in Starling City. Thank God Oliver will be back next week to take care of that situation. What would we do without our man in green?

Team Arrow 2.0: With Sara and Oliver gone, the Team has quite some trouble getting used to the changes. They are missing their leader, and it shows. The first few missions are a struggle, and Laurel’s inexperience turns into a disadvantage pretty quickly. However, I am loving that aspect of the show, because it makes them all the more real. Laurel is not a fighter by nature, she is in need of a lot of training, or else she may be a liability to the team. And I believe that her flaws are what make her an interesting character. Her journey to become a vigilante is what I want to see, not her succeeding at it right away. I am very happy to see her working with Roy, Diggle and Felicity so well.

Waiting for the A.T.O.M. Suit: With every episode we get one step closer to the completion of Ray’s super suit. With Felicity now on board, the suit will be done in no time, I’m sure. Our girl is a genius after all. It’s been coming along slowly, and building up such high expectations, that I am afraid it might be a huge disappointment in the end. But while I’m waiting, I’m enjoying the earnest, heart-felt, and funny scenes we get out of Ray Palmer. I wish we could keep this guy forever for a little while longer.

MVP of the Night: Laurel Lance. I am the first to admit that I was furious about Sara’s death and more than a little worried about Laurel becoming the Canary. Her character was barely tolerable throughout the second season and I was honestly dreading her having more screen time. But I am so positively surprised by how her story line has turned out. During the last few episodes Katie Cassidy has delivered some of her best performances since the first season. If she continues her great work, I might be less of a Laurel critic come the end of the season. I still miss Sara though, and I hate that they keep lying to Quentin about it.

Oliver’s dream turned nightmare – sue me, I am a sucker for Olicity scenes. And while I am grateful for every little interaction, I am wondering if the sequence was some kind of consolation prize: “Here, have a little kiss before we bring on more angst”. I am ready for it.

The Merlyn family – Thea and Malcolm continue to surprise me. Malcolm’s honesty about the League especially was refreshing, and his talk about losing his wife and Tommy broke my heart. I miss Colin Donnell and I’m ready for him to be back for episode 14 – in any kind of shape or form.

Felicity and Laurel’s friendship – I am a big fan of female friendships on television, and to see these two ladies bond even though they are so very different characters is more than I allowed myself to hope for.

Boring DJ-Chase gets a storyline – and it is one I actually like! I have been anything but a fan regarding Thea’s new love interest. And while I knew something was up, him being a part of the League of Assassins I did not expect. Great twist.

Favorite Quote
“Maybe it’s not about Sara, or Oliver, or anyone else that we care about who we lost. Maybe what we’ve been doing, we’ve been doing it because there are people we care about that are still alive. Maybe we’re doing it for them.”
– Felicity Smoak

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