Alec’s Past Returns To Haunt Him In This Week’s Broadchurch

Alec's Past Returns To Haunt Him In This Week's Broadchurch
Credit: ITV


Yet again Broadchurch gave us all a shock last night with the return of a not so welcome character, and a glimpse into Alec’s past.

What You Need To Know:

  • Sisters. Who’d Have ‘Em?: It’s the turn of Ellie’s sister in the dock and she seems almost eager to take the stand. She tells the court she saw Joe Miller putting a bag in the dustbin the night of Danny’s murder. The trouble is, in her original statement she said she saw ‘a man’ not Joe specifically. Her changing her story does more harm than good but she is still very pleased with herself. Ellie is less than thrilled.
  • Has Mark finally seen the light?: Smitten with his newborn daughter, Mark seems much more engaged in his family life, telling Beth he will take paternity leave to spend time with Lizzie. He also tells Tom Miller that he can’t meet him anymore, which does not go over well.
  • Alec Faces His Past: Alec Hardy is really not well, suffering awful dreams as well as a worsening of his symptoms. (What does he have? Anyone know?) He decides to return to Sandbrook and orders Ellie to drive him. Their fantastic bickering continues and the look on Ellie’s face when she realises they have to share a bed at the hotel is priceless.
    Lee Ashworth tells Ellie that Alec slept with Claire (the one no one likes), which Alec will neither confirm nor deny but we do see him imagining her lying next to him in bed just before he falls asleep Oh Alec, really? You can do so much better.
    Telling Ellie he can meet someone in Sandbrook who could reopen the case, he also divulges that he was the one who found Pippa Gillespie’s body in the river, and the moment he recounts it is truly heartbreaking. It turns out the person who could reopen the case is none other than his ex-wife, the mother of his daughter. He meets both for dinner where he is accosted by Pippa’s dad, who basically takes great delight in telling Alec’s daughter that a murderer is still at large thanks to her dad. The thought provoking question Alec raises to Ellie is this: Why wouldn’t the girl’s father want her unsolved murder investigation reopened?
  • While The Cat’s Away: You know how no one in their right mind likes Claire and everyone thinks she’s dodgy? Well, she proved that point last night, letting Lee Ashworth into the house practically the second Alec and Ellie had gone. Clearly lots of sex happened as we then saw them lying in bed. Lee asked if she had slept with anyone else while he had been gone and she said no, then asked him to tie her up for round two. The sooner that woman is out of Alec’s life the better.
  • Things Just Got A Little Creepy: Susan Wright is back. Yes, that’s right, the caravan owning, dog walking weird woman who is thoroughly intimidating and no one really knows why. She scares me. Apparently she is now battling a terminal cancer diagnosis, which leads her to seek reconciliation with her son Nige, but he’s having none of it. She gets her revenge in court, telling everyone she saw her son carrying Danny’s body onto the beach. Nice.

Case Notes:

  • Bluebells Are Everywhere! Seriously, what is their significance? It’s driving me insane.
  • Alec and Ellie Are Like A Couple Of Warring Siblings: I actually detected a little more warmth between them this week, shared looks in the court and also the fact that Alec wanted her to accompany him to Sandbrook. My guess is he wanted her there for moral support at what he knew would be a difficult time. Even so, they are still throw delicious jabs at one another, and the fact that after all this time Alec still doesn’t know the name of Ellie’s son tickled me.
  • Prime Suspects for Broadchurch: Not necessarily for the actual murder of Danny, but I have a small group of people building who I think were involved in the case in some way. Joe, obviously, but also I think he is covering some things up for his son. The way Tom got so upset when Mark said he couldn’t see him anymore, and the significance of that storyline in the first place says to me that Joe might be hiding that some of those emails or texts to Danny’s phone came from Tom for some reason.
    I also don’t trust that vicar in the slightest. He’s odd and not…vicarly enough for me. Something fishy is going on there.
  • Prime Suspects for Sandbrook: Clare and Lee know what went on. My guess is still that Claire killed the girls, either with or without Lee, but I am also wondering about Ricky Gillespie (Pippa’s dad) too. Are we about to uncover some sexual abuse scandal that the trio thought they had got away with?
  • Hurry Up and Get On With It: There is no doubt that the cast for Broadchurch is absolutely fantastic and the writing is very clever. However, given that we are now at the halfway point, I do hope we start getting some answers very soon.