A Third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is “very much in the works”

sisterhood of the traveling pants
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Ladies, it’s time to start looking for that pair of formerly retired magical pants and dust them off as we are about to go travelling again.

That’s right, seven years after the sequel was released a third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film is “in the works,” according to two of its stars.

Amber Tamblyn (Tibby) and America Ferrera (Carmen) were both in attendance at the launch of Ferrera’s husband Ryan Piers Williams’ art exhibit, “Monsters and Landscapes” in New York City on Friday night (January 9) and commented on the status of the third film.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Ferrera confirmed, “It’s actually very much in the works. There’s a fifth book [Sisterhood Everlasting], and what’s wonderful about it is, and the series to begin with, is that it’s really raw and honest about friendship and how hard it can be and how it changes as you grow up.”

Of interest among the four leads (Ferrera, Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel [Lena], and Blake Lively [Bridget]) in coming back for a third film, she added, “We love each other, and we love this series, and we are so proud of the work that we did together that it would be wonderful to come back at do another one.”

Talk of a third film picked up April last year when Alloy Entertainment announced that they were going ahead with the film. At the time, Ken Kwapis (who directed the original 2005 film) was down to direct a script written by The Lifeguard’s Liz Garcia. There has been no mention of this having changed.

Ann Brashares’ Sisterhood Everlasting takes place ten years after the fourth Sisterhood book (which the film sequel was largely based on). Having grown up and all gone their separate ways over the years, the friends have fallen out of touch. When one of them discovers she has a terminal illness, she calls together her sisters for a trip to Greece for old times sake.

While neither actress would give much away about whether Bledel and Lively would also reprise their roles or what was in store for their characters, Tamblyn did reveal that “in the spirit of the magical pants that there is something magical brewing [for Tibby].”

The first two films were a staple in our household for my sister and I and remain two of our go-to films when we need vegging on the sofa, comfort food and cuddles that only a sister can provide. The plot of the fifth book (I won’t give away spoilers though it’s easily accessible if you go looking) would be an interesting one to tackle and would provide a nice sense of closure for the series. Is it absolutely needed? Well no, as the second film also had that nice, neat ending. However, a film that provides a pretty realistic look at female friendships, with four great female characters and some absolutely stunning scenery and locales is always a winner in my book.

It is unclear at what stage of production the film is currently at and no release date for the film has been announced.

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