10 Reasons why Lee Pace is a fangirl’s dream

Lee Pace
Photo: Deadline

Every once in a while, a man with an unbelievable level of charisma, talent and beauty comes to the world. You’ve seen these marvellous creatures before, and you could have even met one, but today we are going to talk about one in particular: Lee Pace.

Because Lee Pace has won our hearts with every single character he has portrayed: from pie makers with special powers, to a transsexual woman and even the elven king of all things pretty and fabulous. Mr. Pace is full of magic and there’s no way you can resist to his charm.

That’s why today I give you: 10 reasons why Lee Pace is a fangirl’s dream.


1. Voice
Everytime Lee Pace talks, an angel gets its wings. It’s a scientific fact, trust me on that.

His voice is so perfect and manly, but so, so smooth that I could listen to him read the yellow pages and I would be fine with that.

Part of his magic is that his voice adapts to any character he plays. Ok, I know I’m starting to sound a bit crazy, but seriously: he has a deep voice, but it still worked wonders when he played Calpernia Addams. And of course, we can’t forget Ned the Pie Maker: that deep voice was the sweetest voice ever.

I can’t really put into words how magical his voice is, so here, judge yourself:

2. Eyebrows
Cara who? Lee Pace has the most glorious eyebrows. Another scientific fact.

Look, let’s be 100% honest: it’s tough finding a guy with good eyebrows, but Lee Pace happens to have incredible eyebrows and they should be treasured.

There was a moment in time when I thought they were going to mess with his eyebrows for his Thranduil portrayal, but thank geek heaven that didn’t happen. His eyebrows even helped give a magical touch to the whole Thranduil look.

Here, have Lee teach you how to groom those glorious brows.

3. Smile
His smile can heal anything, and that’s another scientific fact. This is turning into a science post, but it’s all Lee Pace’s fault.

Lee’s smile is shy and sweet, and I don’t know about you, but I am weak against those types of smiles.

Exhibit A: Ned the Pie Maker. We see Ned smile so many times, I am surprised I managed to survive all the episodes.

Gif: tumblr

Lee is made of star-shine, and the best proof of that is his smile. I dare you to not giggle every time you see him flash a smile!

4. Ok, his face in general
Eyebrows, smile, puppy eyes… sometimes I wonder if he is a real person.

His face structure is divine, you can totally understand why he was chosen to play an elf (and not just a regular elf: the elven king of the Woodland Realm).

Enough rambling, just look at him.

Photo: James Minchin III / AMC

Alright, one more:

Gif: tumblr

5. Poise
Lee Pace’s curriculum vitae does not include “model,” but he could very well take the job. He has that natural poise that even when he plays a dorky character he looks like he comes from a runway show. It’s a very natural thing.

Confession: when I first saw him, I thought he was British, because of that natural elegance of his. I was fooled, but he won my heart completely.

Gif: tumblr

6. Acting skills
So yes, he is beautiful and a gift from the Gods, but if that wasn’t enough, the man is extremely talented.

He can play a transsexual woman, a pie maker with special powers, an elven king, a kree radical and a computer genius, all with such mastery and respect it blows your mind.

And then you see him out of character and you wonder if they are the same person, which takes us to our next reason…

Gif: tumblr

7. Adorkable
“He is so tall and elegant and has such a deep voice, he must be a super serious man”.


Lee Pace happens to be incredibly adorkable. You know, adorkable: the perfect combination of being adorable and a total dork.

The best part is that Lee never hides it, he actually embraces it. You can see him in all his adorkable splendour in pretty much any interview.

Warning: once you start watching Lee Pace interviews, you won’t be able to stop.

Gif: tumblr

8. Nicest man
In addition to all the greatness already mentioned, Lee is the nicest guy.

He will take selfies (or, as he calls them, “elfies”) with fans on the red carpet even when he is not allowed to. Cute little rebel, I like you.

But probably the highlight of his kind nature was when he decided to pay a visit to all the fans camping outside Hall H at last year’s Comic Con and even took pics with fans. Some of them were asleep, though, but that made the pics double special.

lee pace 2
Photo: imgur.com

9. Hands
Alright, this is a personal thing; I am attracted to hands. Big, beautiful hands, and Lee happens to have really nice hands.

Pushing Daisies gave us the pleasure of seeing Lee’s beautiful hands multiple times and so did a certain not-actually-good movie he was in that I watched just because of him: Possession. The movie is bad, but he looks incredible… and so do his hands.

Gif: tumblr

See? You need to watch it. This takes us to the final reason.

10. Body
Have you seen The Fall? You are lying if you say you don’t lose your mind when Lee shows up in the Masked Bandit costume (his arms are to die for!).

Possession? Hell yeah, the gif above is just a small taste of how good he looks all buff.

Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, of course you watched it, so you know exactly what I’m talking about (bless you, James Gunn).

Halt and Catch Fire? Yes, please! His character in this series requires him to show his very well built body from time to time. Just in case you needed a reason to watch it.

Gif: tumblr

After all these reasons and scientific facts, I hope you either confirmed your love for Lee Pace or found out you are in love with him.

No matter what type of character he plays, he always manages to look incredibly good while giving a moving performance. When Lee cries, I cry. When Lee smiles, I smile. It’s the “Pace effect”.

Now, do yourself a favour and go watch your favourite Lee Pace performance!



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