YB App Brings Jesse Pinkman To A Phone Near You

Jesse Pinkman Yeah Bitch
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“Whaddup, Bitch?”

“This is my own private domicile, and I will not be harassed… Bitch!”

“Where’s MY money bitch? Bitch where’s my money? That’s good.”

If at any stage over the past six years you have jumped onto the Breaking Bad bandwagon, you’ll definitely know what I’m going on about. Apart from the meth-cooking, the deceit, the high body count, and the plots and counter-plots, one of the staples of the series was Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) “bitch” deliveries. Jesse had a “bitch” phrase for every occasion, and now so can you.

Just in time for the holidays, Paul has released a new app which fans of Jesse and the series will no doubt be downloading as you read this. I mean what better way can you say “I love you and am thinking of you at this time of year” than with a “You bitch” audio greeting? Called YB, the free iOS app gives users the opportunity to send and receive a variety of “bitch” greetings, all brought to you by Paul himself.

Paul took to Twitter yesterday to announce the launch saying,

While the basic package is free, the app has a number of options for users to unlock extra phrases as well as “participate in contests with the actor to win additional phrase packs.” There are also a number of extras that are available to purchase.

Jesse had such a way with the phrase and no doubt there are hours of fun to be had from this app. Examples of some of the phrases that might be coming your way can be seen in this great collection of Jesse Pinkman “Bitch” phrases.

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