Who Rocked The House on ‘The Voice’ Season Seven Top 8 Performances?

Photo: LA Times
Photo: LA Times

Hello everyone!

Happy Top Eight performances! Are you still bummed about Reagan and Anita leaving? I miss them so much already! DaNica is the only lady left to represent.

I’m really interested in seeing where things go now, especially with the Wild Card thing. I’ll definitely be rooting for Reagan coming back because I think she got cut too soon. Sure she had a misstep, but well I think she had more to show.

Also, I can’t believe Ryan is still here.

I’m missing something. I have no idea what I am missing but it’s something.

Let’s do this thing!

“Geronimo” sung by the Top Eight: This is a song right now? I didn’t know this song existed. I like it. I don’t hate it. It’s pretty decent. I like the guy with the drums and there is a good energy here. It’s not a bad song.

“Open Arms” sung by Ryan Sill: He’s been in bottom three because he is not that good. He is generic. Why Ryan is still here?! Is it because he’s cute? I DON’T KNOW WHY HE IS HERE! Gwen brings in a choreographer to help him with the staging. This set is so cheesy but really pretty. He sounds pitchy. The earnestness is good though. It does sound like he means what he sings, but I am kind of done with Ryan. I just still find him generic. The only reason he is still here is because he is attractive. Adam said he killed it, Blake would be surprise to see him in the bottom because this was Ryan’s best performance, Pharrell said that each week he continues to progress, and Gwen is so proud of Ryan and she says he deserves to be here.

“Take It Easy” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: Blake wants to change it out for ballads. He tells Craig that he needs to bring the song from his heart over his head. Craig needs to make the song seem fresh to himself and not slur his words. Craig wants to bring the heat and the honkytonk to the stage. Craig is killing this. I am making embarrassing squeeing noises right now. He is putting everything into this performance and acting it like this is the first time he sang this song. He owned the song and the stage. Pharrell declares this his show and feels like they see the authenticity in Craig, Gwen feels like it was seeing an artist perform, Adam said it feels like the world stood still last week and he had a lot of fun tonight, and Blake is proud that Craig is the last man standing because he has been nervous as crap. He thinks Craig went up to bat and brought America to the honkytonk.

“These Dreams” sung by DaNica Shirey: DaNica was nervous about the genre of her song. Pharrell said she can do this and do it well because she has that ability. He wants her to go outside of her comfort zone. DaNica eventually makes the song her own by channeling her feelings for her father’s death. Pharell wants her to stand out. This looks the set of a music video. It’s the prettiest one of the night. Visually this is a fascinating number because it looks like an 80’s music video and I love stuff like that. Vocally, DaNica brings her trademark voice and knocks it out of the park. She sounds amazing here; it’s so lovely. Those finally runs in the end of her performance are absolutely lovely. Gwen thinks her voice is acrobatic and can hear DaNica singing it on the radio. She felt like it was perfect timing to finally hear that facet of her voice. Adam thought the song was perfect and amazing. He was also terrified of her dress. Blake forgets how tiny DaNica is physically because of how strong and enormous her voice is. Pharrell is just so proud of her and thanks her for being on his team.

“Jealous” sung by Nick Jonas and the Top Eight: I mute this song because I don’t really like. I didn’t like it the first time around. I haven’t liked it since. This is no one’s performance for votes. So I don’t want to listen to the chauvinistic bull and I don’t have to.

“Someone Like You” sung by Damien: OHMYGOD HAVE HIM SING SOMETHING HAPPY! Please. Make this man sing something with energy and happiness. Adam tells Damien to watch his voice grow. Damien feels like this is the first time he can grow as an artist for all the yeses he is hearing. Yeah five seconds into it and I’m already bored. I’ve seen this before from Damien a million times. I would like to see him out of his comfort zone. I’m just kind of done with this. He always looks like he is going to cry when he sings! Please. Someone have him do something different. His performances can’t even excite me anymore because it’s the same thing. Blake thinks this season is the best season ever. Pharrell thinks his falsetto is something to applaud. Gwen thinks it was so beautiful and thinks he evolved at the right time. Adam has no clue what to say to him anymore because he has said everything that could be said about Damien’s voice.

“Sexual Healing” sung by Chris Jamison: Adam is thrilled by how natural Chris’ connection with the song is. He actually starts dancing during it. Chris feels like this is the perfect song for him to be singing at this time. Adam thinks that Chris has one of the strongest falsettos of the show. I still don’t get it? I mean Chris is a good singer. Everyone here is a good singer. It is just personal preference at this point. Chris just isn’t mine. It’s the same with Ryan and Damien. I just don’t get it and don’t really feel it anymore. It’s not a bad performance just not for me. Pharrell thinks that this was hands-down his best performance on the show and felt like he got lost in the song. Gwen thinks it looked natural and sounded natural. Adam just loved it.

“Holding Back the Years” sung by Luke Wade: Luke wants to do with what Pharrell would do here. He wants to take a classic song no one has heard and make it his own. I love seeing Luke and Pharrell interact with each other and that Luke is confident in his skin. The hug at the end between them is so totally cute. This beat is absolutely gorgeous and Luke’s vocals are warm and rich. I think this may be his best performance because everything is enhanced here. I love the beat and the instrumentation. I love his voice. I love the set. This is just really nice. This is a bit bare bones, but I still prefer it. Adam wants Luke to stop thinking and wants to see more of Luke’s emotion in the song. He thinks that he was still amazing. Blake thought the singing was sparse and kind of expected more here. He expected more big moments and vibed with it. He still thought it was really good. Pharrell said he understands what they are saying. He thinks that Luke has more to do and share.

“Sparks the Fire” sung by Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams: What the hell is Gwen riding? Is that an Adipose from Doctor Who? Oh is this Gwen’s new song? Is Pharrell waving around a sparkler? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?! I’M SO CONFUSED! What the hell are people wearing? WHY IS THERE AN ADIPOSE?! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! I’m so confused. Why. Why is this happening? What did I just watch?

“Royals” sung by Taylor John Williams: This is actually an excellent song for him to do. Lorde and Taylor’s styles would mesh well. He wants to make the song angrier then it sounds. Is there like a singer offstage or something? Because I hear someone singing with him. I like the style. It sounds good with Taylor singing it. It’s in his wheelhouse and he handles it admirably. It is one of my favorite performances of the night, which has been waffling. It’s also a good palate cleanser after whatever the hell Gwen and Pharrell just did. Blake respects Taylor for putting his own spin on things and think he is a pure artist. Pharrell thinks that Taylor has an old soul and thinks that he is a super soulful hippie. Gwen loves that Taylor is always ready to take a risk and stick to his vision.

“The Blower’s Daughter” sung by Matt McAndrew: Adam said that most of Matt’s songs have been big productions. It’s time for him to go a bit quieter and simpler with his performances. He wants Matt to sing and just be there by himself. It’s time for Matt and intimacy with the audience. It’s a really good simple performance. I love Matt. I think Matt is awesome. This is a lot better then his performance last week. God that was chilling and haunting. I loved it. Matt knocks it out of the park. Blake said that was the version of the song he wanted to be the introduction to the song. He thinks it was freaking brilliant. Adam thinks that Matt is a true artist and that he embodies something real and genuine in his performances.

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