Who Made It To The X Factor Final? Find Out Here!

Credit: ITV

Hello and welcome to the semi-final elimination episode of The X Factor – it’s the last elimination before the final! Ooh. Who do you think will be going home tonight? I’d like to say Ben Haenow but I’ll think it will be Lauren Platt, sadly. She’s a lovely girl with a beautiful voice but she doesn’t have it…that special quality…the “X” factor. Sorry.

The first guest performance tonight came from Fifth Harmony, a girl group who had been through the American version of The X Factor. These girls and JLo – and people wonder why the American show is going down the pan.

After much waffle from darling Dermot and the judges the next guest came on; Sam Bailey. She seems a nice lady, but I didn’t like her in the competition last year and I still don’t. I think the tooth gap puts me off.

She sang a ballad, of course; it was a bit of a dirge but what else could we expect?

Results time, and the first act sent through to the final was Fleur, which made me very happy. Ben was the next sent on to next week, meaning Andrea and Lauren are in the sing-off. Oh dear.

Whilst the two contestants are off steadying their nerves, we were subjected to Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel singing a pretty awful version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. I don’t like Bublé, but at least I can see he has some charisma. Menzel should just stay on Broadway please. It could’ve been worse, though; at least they weren’t singing “Let It Go”.

Lauren was first in the sing-off, singing Faith Hill’s “There You’ll Be”. It was a really odd choice, far too old for Lauren, and the song has a strange chorus which makes it seem out of tune. I don’t like the original for that reason and Lauren’s version wasn’t any better. Very bad song choice.

Andrea sang another odd choice, “Who You Are” by Jessie J. Unlike Lauren, however, he owned the song and really made it his own.

Cheryl sent home Andrea, of course, as she’s Lauren’s mentor. You could barely hear her over the screams of the audience. Mel said that Lauren “peaked” for her tonight, yet obviously kept in Andrea.

Lulu was next, indecisive as ever. However he did actually make a decisions, sending home Lauren. So, it was up to Simon.

Say what you want about Cowell, but unlike Lulu he’s not one to back away from a painful decision. Simon said he was going to keep the person whom he thought has been aiming for the final the entire season. He sent home Lauren.

I’m not surprised that Lauren hasn’t made it through, but it’s sad nonetheless. I really thought she could win in the earlier parts of the competition. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll have a great music career and wish her all the best.

Fleur, Ben and Andrea are in the final. My money’s on Fleur to win.

That’s it my dears, until The X Factor final next week. We’re almost at the end. I think we should buy ourselves a huge box of Quality Street to reward ourselves for sticking with it; it’s been fun.




Sara Hunter Smith