Which Contestants Brought Their A-Game To ‘The Voice’ Season Seven Wild Card Night?

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Time to see who heads to the finale this week.

The Semi-Finalists have performed. I’m pretty sure that Craig Wayne Boyd and Matt McAndrew are a lock for the finale. I also think that it will come to Chris Jamison and Taylor John Williams for the last spot.

As for the “wild card” slot? I have no clue. I would like to see Reagan James come back because she is very good. If not, then DaNica Shirey or Luke Wade because I think they have a lot of talent and would feel the drive more. Maybe Anita Antoinette, it honestly depends on how she performs tonight.

Just as long as Sugar, Jessie, and Ryan stay far, far away.

I’m still behind Craig to win the season. He continually impresses me.

So let’s see what goes down tonight for the show.

Side note: Also what the hell? There has been no Voice Confessional this season. No wonder I’ve been so bored during these eliminations night.

Alright, looks like we are focusing on the eliminated contestants huh? Cool beans.


Really?! Really?! He’s the first saved? Why? How? I mean I was expecting it but come on. WHAT DON’T I SEE HERE?!


YES! Thank you!


His numbers were really that low? I’m kind of shocked.

We only have an hour left. This should be fascinating to see how they shove all these performances in so fast.

“Put Your Records On” sung by Reagan James: God Reagan is sixteen and has more poise then you can believe. She sounds classy and cool. I really would love to see her back on the show. I feel like “Fancy” was just a mistake that every artist makes once in awhile. Right now she’s killing it. Pharrell loved how the melody fit her voice. Blake is totally blown away by Reagan’s age and her swagger when she is onstage performing. He thinks she improves every time she takes the stage.

“Zombie” sung by Jessie Pitts: Oh God. I am not looking forward to this. Yeah two seconds in and I remember why I was so happy Jessie was gone. Ugh. Also what the hell is with the crimped hair? I just…please don’t bring her back. Please. Gwen thinks Jessie sounds like an angel and can see Jessie doing a record like that. Blake is pleased as punch to be bragging on Jessie and thinks she is an inventor.

“Marry Me” sung by Ryan Sill: It was typical Ryan: generic. Please don’t bring him back. Please. I was so happy when he was voted off. Adam thinks Ryan is a great singer and that he has such a beautiful voice and is an amazing, unrecognized talent. Blake also thought it was beautiful. Gwen thinks that Ryan still totally has a chance for the save.

“Waiting on the World to Change” sung by Anita Antoinette: This is such a great song choice for Anita! It’s a really interesting song and she sings it beautifully. Then she does some scatting, which is nice but I would have loved to hear some more of the song to her. It was still a really vocally interesting performance. Adam loved how Anita was all business and nailed that jazz run. Gwen loved how she took the opportunity to lift spirits and give a good vibe to the world.

“Wicked Game” sung by Taylor John Williams: Taylor just got eliminated and he comes out swinging. It’s a beautiful interpretation of the song, flowing and emotional. He actually looks like he is about to cry. It’s actually one of his best performances of the season. Blake loved the melody change and is impressed in hearing Taylor’s full voice. He has a lot of respect for him. Pharrell said that the correct word to describe Taylor was an artist. Gwen thinks he deserves to remain here.

“Grenade” sung by Damien: It’s not a bad performance here. It just sounds like all of Damien’s other performances that I’ve heard. There are so many more vocally interesting artists here that Damien sounds a bit washed in comparison. Pharrell loved the control and intensity that Damien can provide. He thinks that Damien is a real and true soul singer. Gwen is continually amazed by Damien’s ability to be real. Adam thinks that the last spot is Damien’s.

“Back to Black” sung by Sugar Joans: Wow Sugar your hair looks especially purple tonight. I’m surprised that no one in lighting or wardrobe is reminded of this. It’s the same performance we’ve heard from her before, which I, unsurprisingly, still do not like. Comparing her and Jessie with the rest of the performances, you can see why these two were eliminated early. Gwen is so happy to see Sugar again and thinks that her voice is natural and perfect. Blake thinks that Sugar just made it harder for everyone else because she was so good. Pharrell thinks that America needs to vote for her because it was such a special performance from her.

“Have A Little Faith In Me” sung by Luke Wade: It feels a little on the nose with the title of the song. Damn though son! Luke sounds amazing, putting a lot of passion and strength into his performance. I enjoyed it. Adam said that he thinks that Luke got a little lost, but believes Luke Wade has found Luke Wade again. He absolutely loved the performance. Blake says that he thinks Team Pharrell is utterly bringing it tonight to get back in the game. He is glad to see Luke back in control again and giving them a moment. Pharrell thinks that Luke had definitely found himself and wants Texas to bring Luke back. He thinks that Luke is an original who will make a great album.

“Without You” sung by DaNica Shirey: Oh hell yeah. DaNica’s got the money spot tonight. Alright so if DaNica doesn’t get the fourth spot, then I’m going to call the fix. Because this? This is perhaps the best performance of the entire night. DaNica just gives us money notes, drama, and a beautiful vocal. This is all in ninety seconds. It’s awesome. Vote her in. Vote her in. Pharrell said that the cheers from the crowd is the sound of America voting her back.

Tune in tomorrow morning to The Today Show to see who is voted back on.

Bec Heim