What Did You Miss on Glee? New Gleecap Brings You Up to Speed

Photo: FOX/TV Line
Photo: FOX/TV Line

It’s hard to believe but there’s only five weeks until the premiere of Glee’s final season. While for a few fans, this is nowhere near time enough to get prepared to start saying goodbye, however, it’s now been almost seven months since the season 5 finale… and believe me we here at 4YE have felt every day of this long hiatus. With such a long break between seasons, it’s understandable that some fans may have forgotten where we left things at the end of last season. Luckily for us, the good people at Fox have produced a short little season 5 “Gleecap – Where We Left Off” which they released yesterday (December 5).

Featuring character run-downs by some of our favourite Glee stars (Lea Michele, Darren Criss, Amber Riley, Chord Overstreet, and Matthew Morrison… though where was Chris Colfer? I suppose Criss did cover the Klaine storyline, but still would have been nice to have had a Colfer spot given the popularity of Kurt and how integral his character and storyline has been over the series), the short video certainly sets the scene for the beginning of the final series.

I have to say, I not normally a Sam fan, but his Gleecap is my favourite… “he was modeling and in love with Mercedes. Broke up with Mercedes, quit modeling after he had success on the side of a bus and then he went back to Ohio…” Chord Overstreet’s delivery here is just perfect. Though Criss’ “Missed it!” has me chuckling every time I watch the clip.

With the season premiere so close, Fox have certainly been amping up the promos, though seriously, putting it in the death knell spot of Friday night, Glee’s likely to need all the help it can get. Apart from this recent Gleecap, for the past month, videos of the cast and their “final gleequest” have regularly been appearing on Glee’s Instagram. Check out Darren Criss’ gleequest below, a wish that looks, at least partially, to come true in episode 8.

In addition, Fox’s behind-the-scenes digital content team, Fox Special Ops, have started, what they are calling “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN” on their Twitter. They are asking fans to tweet in their favourite things from Glee based on that hour’s category. Previous categories have included favourite musical number and most wacky outfit. The responses will all be tallied and the winner from each category will be announced before an all-new Glee episode in the new year.

While it’s with a heavy heart that we know the end is near, I’m starting to get really excited for the final season. I’m interested in knowing where they take each of the characters and how everything will unfold. More than anything, I’m just dying to see some new Glee on our screens.

Glee: The Final Season premieres with a double episode on Friday January 9 at 8/7c on Fox.

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  1. THANK YOU for asking where Chris Colfer was represented in the recap. Chris was the reason I started watching Glee and is the reason I hung in after s3’s decline and s4’s disaster. Late s4 & s5 were survivable, because of Glee NYC, though Blaine was written into a mangled mess.
    Thanks also for telling us about Fox Special Ops; I had not seen any announcements by @GleeonFOX about that and they had apparently put a moratorium on Kurt or Colfer news/pics, so I stopped paying attention, though I admire the whole cast/crew, in different ways.

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