‘The Voice’ Season Seven Top 8 Eliminations: Who Stayed and Who Went Home?

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Hello all!

It’s the Top 8 eliminations tonight. Three are going home. Who will it be?

No clue. I literally don’t have a clue. I’ve been busy studying for finals so outside of casting my votes last night, I haven’t really been on the Internet much.

If Craig goes home, then my heart will be broken. I love him so much. I’m putting him in to be the winner for the season. He deserves it. I just really, really love Craig.

Alright! Let’s start this recap.

“With Love” sung by Christina Grimmie: If you remember my recaps from last season, then you should know my feelings about Christina Grimmie. I don’t like her. I am just not a fan. So if you enjoy her stuff, then enjoy the song. I am not going to hamper your enjoyment. I am just going to mute my TV and check my email. I wonder how Josh Kaufman is doing on Pippin.

Alright let’s see who got saved.

What was the big red box that Carson took out of his jacket?

MATT MCANDREW IS SAVED! Unsurprising. Matt is definitely going to the finale.

DAMIEN IS SAVED! Seriously?! Seriously? Why? He does the same thing week after week! I’m so confused.

Okay so we get a little video about what goes on during the artists’ days on the show. Nothing really much going except little behind the scenes stuff.

“God Made Girls” sung by RaeLynn: I remember her from the second season. She never really bothered my one way or the other. The song is okay. I’m not going to rush out and buy it. The message is a little…eh. Blake looks like a proud papa, which is adorable.

TAYLOR JOHN WILLIAMS IS SAVED! SOMEONE SAVE CRAIG! I just want Craig to be safe. He’s so nice and good.


The crowd is as relieved as both Blake and I are. Pharrell must be sweating. He’s probably going to lose his whole team tonight.

“I Would Rather Go Blind” sung by DaNica Shirey: DaNica lets out a slow, molasses voice to the crowd. She has a warmth and charisma here. It sounds really good, much better then last night’s performance. She just totally gave it her all. Pharrell thinks that everyone watching felt the performance and tells America to go with how DaNica made them feel.

“Stand By Me” sung by Luke Wade: Luke also sounds good, but not as great as DaNica. Luke does have a lot of natural charisma though and he works the stage. I still prefer DaNica’s performance out of the two. It was full of a lot of pain and showed off her range. Luke is good. The performance sounds lacklustre. It was not his best. Pharrell loved it and thinks that America also felt it.

“Heaven” sung by Ryan Sill: Please send him home, America. Please. I am so confused as to how he lasted this long. If he stays another week, then something has gotta be fixed here. The performance is Ryan. It’s generic. He should be in a boy band or on the Sing Off not here. I got nothing more left to say. Is it because people think he’s hot? He’s not that hot. Craig is hot. Matt is hot. Even Taylor I can understand. But Ryan? Gwen thinks he can go three for three. I pray otherwise.

“Georgia On My Mind” sung by Chris Jamison: DaNica should be singing that song and even then only if Pharrell made her. NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO TOUCH THAT SONG! Ray Charles puts so much longing and pain in the original version. Chris makes it too Broadway and too boring at the same time. He’s going to stay isn’t he? I can feel a headache forming. Adam talks about Chris’ arc and how he has worked to get back.

Can DaNica stay? We lost Reagan and she was great. I would like DaNica to stay.

Blake takes a diplomatic approach to saying who should stay and who should go. He just kind of commiserates. He thinks it would be cool if a girl remained in the competition though.




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