‘The Voice’ Season Seven Semi-Finals Bring Some Powerhouse Performances

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Hello Voice fans!

Welcome to the show’s Semi-Finals.

With Team Pharrell out, Teams Gwen and Blake down to one contestant each, and Team Adam going strong with three contestants, it looks like we’re going to have a repeat of season five of the show on our hands folks.

Personally, I’m pulling for a Craig Wayne Boyd win because I feel like he deserves it the most.

But who honestly knows?

“Lonely Tonight” sung by Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe: The song itself is okay. Country is just not my genre. I like it fine though.

“She’s Out Of My Life” sung by Damien: Damien, buddy, tell them that it is okay for you to sing happy songs. Adam picked this because it’s one of Michael Jackson’s lesser-known songs. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I keep hearing the same things from Damien. He keeps looking like he is about to cry. His voice is fine but this is so, so repetitive. I’m so bored. It just sounded the same to his other songs. Blake thinks that the song was great. Pharrell believes Damien deserves his position in the show right now. Gwen thought that the song was stunning, and the emotion was gorgeous. Adam calls Damien the most “coachable guy” ever and thinks that he did an unbelievable job.

“Workin’ Man Blues” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: Blake went a bit selfish here with a song by Merle Haggart because Craig can rock and is country. He just goes right to it. I love this song. He is just enjoying himself and rocking the hell out because of it. You have to love how Craig can work a room and a song. It’s so exciting and full of energy. This is why I love Craig Wayne Boyd because he can cover a spectrum of songs. Even the band members are getting super into it. Snap that was totally awesome. Pharrell says that performance shows someone who knows who they are and just wants to have a great time. Gwen loves how natural Craig is on the stage and that he sings very well. Adam says that it is rare that Craig is coming into his own on the show and that everyone knows who he is. Blake thinks that Craig is one of the best singers he has ever heard in his life and is in awe of his talent. He can’t wait to see where Craig goes after this.

“Falling Slowly” sung by Taylor John Williams: Is this the song from Once? He’s looking like he’s having a hard time with the song. He sounds good though. I mean the song is definitely in his wheelhouse if it’s the song I’m thinking about. It picks up more as the song goes on for Taylor. He sounds a bit more sure and settled. I am not sure about some of the falsettos though. Some of them just don’t sound quite there yet. Other then that I enjoyed the song. Adam thought the song was the perfect choice and love it. Blake thought his falsettos were great and loved the song. Pharrell thinks that Taylor willingly taking the creative license is amazing. Gwen thinks that Taylor is so talented and that he did a great job.

“Make It Rain” sung by Matt McAndrew: Adam thinks this is the best vocal Matt has ever done. The only thing I can say about this performance is that Adam is correct. It’s aching and raw and real. Damn I love every moment of it. Not sure how I feel about the prison strip suit jacket though. The fashion choice seems on the nose. Blake tries to talk over the fans. I can’t even hear him. He calls Matt’s performance “Grammy worthy”. Pharrell calls Matt a “star”. Gwen loves Matt’s contradictory nature and is given chills every time he sings. Adam feels amazing about his song selection and is astounded by Matt’s talent.

“Sugar” sung by Chris Jamison: Chris is singing Maroon 5’s next single, which he totally wanted to do of his own accord. After some stellar performances from Matt, Craig, and Taylor…Chris is just meh. I don’t even like the song that much either. I feel a bit underwhelmed right now. At least the lights are pretty. Blake loves the song and Chris’ falsetto. Pharrell thinks Chris owns the stage ever single way. Gwen loved the idea and thinks that it was a good idea. She loves his higher register. Adam said that he has shown him that he is on a star trajectory.

“I Don’t Want To Wait” sung by Damien: He went back home to Monroe, Louisiana where there was a motorcade waiting for him. He visits his old high schools where the students lose their damn minds for him. Damien meets up with his family and the city proclaims a Damien day. It’s a pretty good song and performance. I don’t think it’s the best of the night. I’m very happy that he did at least one song that wasn’t depressing. Blake is glad to see another side of Damien in this performance. Pharrell loved the song and Damien. Gwen loves the Peter Gabriel/tribal vibe she got from the song and that Damien brought the message home. Adam is just very, very proud of Damien and is constantly amazed by him.

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” sung by Matt McAndrew: Matt goes to surprise his mother at work. It is very sweet to see. Matt goes to have an interview as well. He goes to visit his students. And it’s super, super sweet to see him rock out with his students. Matt kills the song. It’s just a really, really good song. Of course it’s hard for me to get emotional with it. The Glee version kind of ripped out my soul. But this version was super, super good too. Blake loves how Matt controls the song utterly. He is confident in his vocals. Pharrell thinks that Bono would be happy and proud. He thinks Matt’s execution is flawless. Gwen loves the performance and Matt’s mother. Adam is at a lost for words.

“The Old Rugged Cross” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: Craig is so happy and surprised to see his family. His mom and dad came to visit him. Craig’s son is so adorable and he’s such a sweet father. Randy Houser comes to sing with Craig at his show. God Craig needs to win this. After a high-energy performance, it’s good to see Craig come down a bit. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and special. It’s utterly heartbreaking to hear. Pharrell thinks that Craig is something special. Gwen loves how it feels like Craig does this every night and thought it was a good idea for Craig to show off his facets. Adam thinks that it was good for Craig to show the audience a different side of himself. Blake thinks Craig gave one of the most passionate, vocal, and epic performances he has ever heard.

“Blank Space” sung by Taylor John Williams: Gwen calls in while Taylor is doing press to heap praise on Taylor and tell him he’s opening for people at Deck the Hall Ball. I’m really not feeling this interpretation of the song. I’ve heard a lot of covers of this song, but this one is not a good one. Taylor sounds overly breathy here and I don’t like some of the instrumentation. These shadow dancers are so cheesy. Adam loves that Taylor reworks the songs to his own tastes and style. Gwen thinks he is a true artist and is special.

“When I Was Your Man” sung by Chris Jamison: Chris gets emotional seeing his friends and family again. He also gets a pizza named after him at his old job. Chris also gets a day named after him. Pharrell thinks the people back home are still on their feet for Chris. Gwen said that he has that gift and love for singing. Adam said that he made the Bruno Mars song his own.


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