The Prodigal Puppet Returns: Eion Bailey Returns to Once Upon a Time

Photo: ABC

Eion Bailey’s Pinocchio is set to return to Once Upon a Time according to TVLine.

Last seen dying of a magic taser wound just before being saved via the Blue Fairy’s magic (which worked through de-aging Pinocchio back to his seven-year-old self, breaking the hearts of August/Pinocchio fans everywhere), Pinocchio faded into the background of the show after featuring prominently in the first season. It seemed that the prodigal puppet’s storyline was all wrapped up following his reunion with his father Geppetto and a final act that was selfless, brave, and true, but evidently there is some further story ahead for everyone’s favorite “real boy.”

August will reappear in the fourteenth episode of OUAT‘s fourth season, titled “Enter the Dragon.” This rather ambiguous title could mean many things. The fourteenth episode falls right in the thick of a plot line that will feature the return of Maleficent, whose ability to transform into a dragon was a huge part of the Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty and also the season one finale of OUAT. I still remember Emma’s epic battle with the dragon fondly. Of course, that battle ended with Emma slaying the dragon, so Maleficent should definitely not be alive… but let’s not quibble about who’s dead. On OUAT, death doesn’t always take. There is also the possibility that the titular dragon is the mysterious man from whom August sought a cure for his magical malady in the season two episode “Selfless, Brave and True.” Known simply as “The Dragon,” the man somehow possessed magic in the land without magic. He barely had a chance to display his magical abilities before being dispatched by Tamara and her magical (and very lame) taser, and “The Dragon” has remained a topic of discussion in the OUAT fandom ever since. Is he a character of importance or just a one episode throw-away? We might be about to find out.

As always with these early announcements from OUAT, there is little information and very few answers. August is returning, which in all likelihood means a flashback. Logic would dictate that he has a connection with Maleficent, a connection with “The Dragon”, or that he is connected to the hunt for the author of the storybook. Of course, OUAT is not always logical, but in the world of fairy tales and fantasy, sometimes that’s a good thing.

Both Pinocchio and Once Upon a Time will return to ABC in March 2015.

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