Strictly Quarter Finals: A Dance Off Shocker And A Sad Farewell To Who?

Credit: BBC


The Strictly quarter final was always going to be tough, but we were left feeling emotionally drained by the dance off this evening (December 12th).

We were entirely convinced that Mark and Frankie would be battling it out, given that they were the bottom two on the leader board, but we were left happily surprised when a very deserving Mark went right through to next week’s semi’s, followed by Caroline and Pasha.

The usual time fillers then ensued of a band who Little Miss 4YE adores but I forget their name, and then Len’s Lens which was fabulous as always, but all we were really concerned about was the other couple in the dance off.

To say we were shocked when it was revealed to be Pixie and Trent would be an understatement. Of all the couples remaining, bar Caroline and Pasha, Pixie and Trent were the last couple we expected to be in the bottom two. Of course, maybe the voting public assumed she was safe too, which is why she found herself preparing to dance to save her place in the competition.

Both couples danced brilliantly, and it was definitely going to be a tough choice. Unsurprisingly, the voting was split, with Craig and Bruno choosing Pixie and Darcy going for Simon, meaning the casting vote fell to Len Goodman. He dithered and dallied about, saying he was judging just based on that performance and not on anything else, before announcing he was opting to save Simon.

Now, this is nothing against Simon at all; he is a really great dancer and has come a really long way in the show, but we really think this was the wrong decision. Pixie was by far the more talented dancer, and we will really miss her for the last two shows. We actually thought she would be the one to win, but given that we were evidently wrong, we are now opting to support Frankie and also Caroline, who are both amazingly talented.

Join us next week for the semi- final, where our couples will take on two dances each, hurrah!