Spoiler Alert: ‘Revenge’s Shocking Death Shows That Redemption Comes at Cost

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(Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

It seems any time the characters of Revenge try to do any good it never ends well. Daniel Grayson (played by Josh Bowman) was our latest victim in Sunday’s midseason finale. With the announcement of Margaux’s pregnancy, it led to Daniel questioning the person he had become over the past years. This new realization made Daniel’s death that much more difficult. He finally took responsibility for all the things he had done over the years, including shooting his ex-wife, Emily, which he never seemed to care about before claiming that she had lied to him, and she deserved what she got, which is exactly the thinking of his parents.

Over the seasons I always had a problem with Daniel because I wanted him to take his Grayson’s name and throw it away. He fought his parents on many things, but just when I thought he would not let them manipulate him, he did what they wanted, with the exception of marrying Emily Thorne, which is probably the one thing he should have listened to. He allowed their comfort of money and status to define him, and he made many mistakes that he had come to regret.

This week’s episode, complete with flashbacks to a trial he was supposed to testify against with his father talking him out of it, he became determined to be a better father to his child than his father ever was with him. But in true Hamptons fashion nothing ever goes according to plan. Of course with last week’s preview we knew someone was going to die. But my heart broke when he ran into Emily/Amanda’s house (I’m never quite sure what to call her anymore). I knew it wasn’t going to end well. I’m going to be honest I’m still not over Aiden’s death because they were supposed to go away together, and yeah well that isn’t happening anymore. But part of me always wanted to see more of a reconciliation between Emily and Daniel.

Revenge’s showrunner, Sunil Nayar did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter explaining his decision to kill off this main character. “We were thinking about the journey of Daniel, and thought it would be fun and challenging for us to try to redeem him — we brought him and Emily closer together — and then pull the rug out [from viewers],” he said. It is nice to see that he was able to get some kind of redemption before he left, which is what Nayar said Bowman wanted also, because I feel he was different from his father and mother, but was consistently living in their shadows so he was never able to prove himself. I think running into Emily’s house during her fight shows how much he had changed just in that short amount of time.

Though now this will open up all new problems for the Hamptons group just because of where he died, and of course the blame will come down mostly on Emily, even though both Victoria and David had a hand in it as well, because it was their fault that Kate was after Emily to begin with. And then there is Margaux, who wanted to reunite with Daniel and raise the child together, is now alone and will surely blame Emily for Daniel being in her house adding to the tension that was already there between them.

I am sure Emily will find a way to deal with it. Plus, we are to expect a visit from Kate’s father and David’s captor, Malcolm Black in January, so we have that to look forward to and see what kind of revenge Emily has in store for him because now she has another thing for him to pay for other than keeping her father away from her.

Nayar also talks about what to expect from Jack, Nolan, and Louise, so be sure to read more of the interview here.

Revenge returns Sunday January 4.


Kelli Heidelberger