Someone Answered the Call: Which Ghostbuster Has Been Cast in ‘Once Upon A Time’?

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Ursula won’t be the only nautical addition to the cast of Once Upon a Time‘s fourth season according to the latest casting news. Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) has signed on to play the sea god Poseidon in episode fifteen of the hit fairytale drama.

In classic OUAT fashion, the character of Poseidon will have at least one major twist: in this adaptation, he will be Ursula’s father. It seems that Ursula, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent will be getting the obligatory backstory treatment, and I’m excited to see what the writers of OUAT have in store for the “Queens of Darkness.”

Their first appearance in the winter finale was already a showstopper; the presence of Cruella de Vil in the Enchanted Forest plus the bizarre team up between the three vastly different villainesses was enough to make me lose sleep puzzling over it all. Add that to the fact that Ursula and the other members of the Villainess Dream Team have been living in our world apart from the Dark Curse that created Storybrooke, and you have several intriguing mysteries. Just how did the Queens of Darkness travel between the worlds? Why on earth would they do such a thing if their journey ended with living in a menial, magic-less exile (if Ursula’s aquarium job was anything to go by)?

To add more confusion, Ursula isn’t just a villainess, but a sea goddess according to the season three episode “Ariel.” Now that her father has been revealed as Poseidon himself, it’s clear that OUAT will be wading into the waters of Greek mythology yet again – one of its least used sources. The plot (and the mythology) thickens.

As a proponent of strong mythology in the shows I love, I’m extremely excited to see the realm of sea gods and goddesses explored, as well as seeing more Greek mythology woven into the show. I might also be hoping for more Captain Hook story lines given the nautical flavor of all this backstory along with the reported reappearance of Ariel (also in episode fifteen) with whom both Hook and Ursula have past connections…

Let’s hope for plenty of backstory to go around when OUAT introduces us to the Queens of Darkness.

Once Upon a Time will return in March 2015 on ABC.

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