Our Human Coffee: Linkin Park, A Year In Review

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I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t as big of a Linkin Park fan as I am right now until this year. Yes, I had listened to their music since their first album, Hybrid Theory, I had always enjoyed their music but they didn’t become my all time favorite band until this year, and that isn’t a term I throw around lightly. And really I have to thank MTV and San Diego Comic Con for that, but I will get into the reason for that later. But since then I have been following all the amazing things that Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell, Joe Hahn and Rob Bourdon have been up to this year besides their great albums. Mostly it has been a busy year of touring featuring some other amazing bands, but they have also been been much more than just global rockstars this year.

Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from this year:

The Hunting Party 

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In June, Linkin Park released a new album titled The Hunting Party. These songs are more aggressive and intense which coincides with the name of the album perfectly. Every song on this album is perfection. That is all.

“Final Masquerade” is probably my favorite song from the album. Check out the official music video below:

San Diego Comic-Con / MTVU Fandom Awards

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This year was the first year for the MTVU Fandom Awards and it was free to attend for SDCC badge holders. In addition to all the awesome people who won awards and presented, it also included a concert with rapper G-Eazy followed by Linkin Park. I’ll admit I wasn’t going to go at first. At SDCC you have to pick and choose between all the things there is to do, but my best friend and LP lover for the past 15 years convinced me to go with her. And I will never regret this decision.

We were lucky to get front row seats and I’ll tell you they can put on a show. I never used to be one for live shows, but this was just another thing to change for me. And for my first concert I was spoiled. The one thing we regret from this day was seeing Mike Shinoda inside Comic Con and not going after him because we were in another line.

This show was so much fun and I will always be grateful I got to see it.

credit: MTV

Check out their performance of “Points of Authority” during the MTVU Fandom Awards below:


The Carnivores Tour

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The name of the this tour was decided to coincide with the name of their new album. They went on tour with AFI and 30 Seconds to Mars. First they made their way through Europe then came to the US in August and September.

During this tour the fans were also treated to weekly updates called Linkin Logs (titled by the fans), well some were updates some were them messing around, which always made them so much fun and something to always look forward if we couldn’t see any of the shows.

Below is the last Linkin Log that was posted at the end of their tour, which features some of the members favorite moments from tour and some goofing around:

Climate Summit 2014 in New York

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In 2005, in the aftermath of the tsunami that devastated the Philippines, the guys of Linkin Park started the charity Music For Relief in order to help people who suffer from disasters. Ever since then the guys have shown that they care more than just making great music. They are also very active in helping people and the world.

Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda were lucky enough to attend the Climate Summit this year and were able to talk about how to combat climate change and talk about the importance of finding a way for everyone in the world to have sustainable energy.

Mall Movie

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Resident DJ Joe Hahn’s directoral debut that features songs by Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, and Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell. It stars James Frecheville, Cameron Monaghan, India Menuez, and Vincent D’Onofrio and follows a few struggling suburbanites in the wake of a mall shooting, but really calls attention to human nature and its complexities and animal-like similarities. The movie is is based on a novel written by Eric Bogosian and is so aesthetically beautiful and complex and messed up, all rolled up in one movie.

Check out the trailer below:


Also you can check out the open credits featuring the song White Noise:

Joe Hahn also put together an art gallery for the opening of the movie with pieces inspired by the film, called Beast Astray, including one piece from LP’s own Mike Shinoda. Check out the video showcasing the event below:

The Hunting Party Tour

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The first leg of Linkin Park’s second tour kicked off in Europe in November. This time they toured with Of Mice and Men. The co lead singer of the band, Austin Carlile, often joined them on stage to sing Faint (seen below).

credit: Mike Shinoda Clan

The Berlin Wall

I think one of the most amazing and fascinating things from this year happened while on tour. In Germany, Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda were lucky enough to be able to paint two pieces of the Berlin Wall. It was the 25th year anniversary that the wall was brought down. The two pieces were then put on display in their pop up store where fans could view them. I was only a year old when this happened but it was such an important part of history and an amazing opportunity that they got to take something that was so ugly and terrible and turn it into a piece of artwork. The picture below I found on tumblr but was from Joe Hahn’s instagram. I love that both painted their separate pieces but they end up connecting together.

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In 2015 they are continuing The Hunting Party tour with Of Mice and Men and Rise Against in North America through January and February. Rock in Rio in Las Vegas in May and the Loudwire Music Festival in Colorado in June are some other events to look forward to next year. I can’t wait to see what other things they do next year, pictures from the upcoming tour, and just their overall awesomeness.

Here is to another great year in 2015. Cheers!

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Kelli Heidelberger