Original Songs, Coach Duets, and One More Cover on the Finale of ‘The Voice’ Season Seven

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Finally we have hit the finale of season seven.

I have to be honest, this season has not been my absolute favorite of the show. Mainly because I have been really confused by some of the decisions.

So all of Team Adam made it to the finale, while the only lone opposition is Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd. Who I really, really hope will win because he is charming as hell and very talented and a born performer. I like Craig a lot. I would really like it if he wins.

If not Craig then Matt McAndrew should take the crown.

Of course it’s going to end up being Chris Jamison for reasons that I cannot say and I just bury my head in my hands and curse.

I really hope that season eight will be better because I have been vastly underwhelmed and unimpressed.

So let’s talk about the final night of performances.


“A Song For You” sung by Damien: There’s an interview with Damien and Adam where they just pretty much recap his time on the show. Then it’s time for the coach to pick the song, Adam gives Damien yet another ballad. He has a great voice, but I am just really tired of hearing the same thing from him again and again. I don’t know what to say anymore. I just don’t. Enjoy it if you like it. Blake cannot express how Damien just works a melody and keeps his pitch. He thinks it is just great. Pharrell felt like he was taken to church. Gwen said that she feels like the song would be on his potential future record. Adam wanted Damien to lift everyone and make the song feel special.


“My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: DID BLAKE WRITE CRAIG’S SONG?! OhmyGod you sweetheart! God I love watching Blake talk Craig through the process and how to sing the song. Blake that mullet. We need to talk about that mullet. Blake thinks the song is perfect for him because of how the music industry has kicked him around for years and this is to assert himself. Again, I am not a country fan, but I enjoyed this song. Craig has a lot of charisma and there’s energy to the song, even in the slower parts. Craig is just beaming from ear to ear as he does this. It’s got the right amount of rock and country for his voice. Blake did good writing this song and giving it to Craig. Pharrell can only welcome Craig to his future and he knows everyone is going to go buy it. Gwen thought that he needs a good nanny for him and his kid while he goes on tour. Blake said that the song was meant for Craig and congratulates him for knocking it out of the park.


“Lost Without U” sung by Adam Levine and Chris Jamison: Gross. A Robin Thicke song? I’m already predisposed to hate it. While not as creepy as Danielle Bradbury’s and Blake Shelton’s duet in season four, this is boring. Also the falsettos together are just not meshing. I really kind of hate this duet. Please let this stop. Oh thank God it did.


“Wasted Love” sung by Matt McAndrew: I wonder who wrote this? Matt feels ready to sell his artistry with this song. He wants to be emotionally honest with this and I’m so excited to hear it. This should be interesting because Matt is definitely a performer. Much like Craig, this is the perfect song for Matt to sing. It goes with his drunk, alternative aesthetic. He puts a lot of passion into it and it’s vocally interesting. Even though it’s a slower piece, he knows how to work the hell out of that stage. The shirt is a little unfortunate. I would have put him in something else. But Matt is definitely showing what he would be like with his own album and that’s a kudos to Matt’s talent. This just sounds awesome. Pharrell said that Matt is the best leader and teacher they could have on the show. Gwen said that the song and Matt were both uber inspiring to her. Adam thought the song was one of the best songs he has ever heard in his whole life.


“Boots On” sung by Blake Shelton and Craig Wayne Boyd: I already love it. Dude it’s Craig and Blake on a stage that looks like a guitar with a lot of fire imagery. Their voices blend insanely well together. They both are rocking out on guitars like they’re in a bar together and just took over the stage for fun. It’s a good vibe and their harmonies are tight. Only thing I would say is that the song is a bit too “bro country”. They’re having fun and I love it.


Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” sung by Adam Levine and Damien: This is kind of a mood whiplash after Craig and Blake’s duet. It’s not a bad one mainly because Adam is using his full voice more then the falsetto. Their voices compliment each other well and it’s a very pretty song. Although the “sun” made out of lights may be a bit too on the nose. Outside of that, it’s an okay performance.


“Velvet” sung by Chris Jamison: Adam says that the song has such a Bruno Mars vibe. He wants to share Chris’ talent and special vocals with the world. Now I may not like Chris Jamison, but I will be fair here. The song has a nice and kind of dirty 70’s funk vibe. That being said, I would have preferred to hear Bruno Mars do this song. Chris is doing a very admirable performance though and the set is very cool with a lot of mirrors and the like. But the actual song? It’s really kind of immature and in the same vein of why I did not like “Jealous”. I just liked Matt McAndrew’s “Wasted Love” a lot more. Pharrell has something to say and that is Chris Jamison has been made a star on this show. There was something special in Chris’ transformation on the show. Adam thinks that Chris has killed it and is so proud of him.


“Lost Stars” sung by Adam Levine and Matt McAndrew: I love Begin Again. This song in the movie is actually really good. Matt and Adam totally sound amazing together. Like this is the best performance from the duets on Team Adam. I like Craig and Blake more, but Adam and Matt have this great emotional synergy with a good song. Then the song explodes and there’s a great outward rush of passion and enjoyment. I have to give kudos where it is due. This is a good performance.


“In Pictures” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: I love how much Blake believes in Craig. My friend says this is excellent country loving 80’s cheese. This a great song: a quieter number after two high energy ones. Craig utterly sells the pain and wistfulness in his voice. It’s clear he is thinking of his son and the life he wants to give him. as well as the sacrifices made in order to give his son that life. I got choked up! His son is getting all teary-eyed. Gwen thinks that it is really emotional and remains so glad that she pushed the button. Pharrell thought it was a great song. Blake thinks that the song is a perfect statement for where Craig is at in his life.


“Soldier” sung by Damien: Adam talks with Damien about the early days when he and Maroon 5 were trying to get off the ground. The song is traditional Damien and is suited for his voice. It’s very grand and sweeping, but an emotional ballad. At least I can say it has bit more life then usual. Normally Damien’s songs make me want to go to sleep, but this is actually a pretty good choice. It suits him, still very sad though. I would have loved to hear something upbeat from him again once. Adam is so proud and bursting with pride for his team. They listened to him and remained true to who they are as performers. He is the happiest coach right now for his team.


“Cry Me A River” sung by Chris Jamison: Adam thinks that Chris is going to destroy this song because of his falsetto. This is so much better then “Velvet” and that’s because Justin Timberlake is an amazing musician. Chris Jamison is clearly channeling some of that so it doesn’t utterly suck. It’s not a bad performance, but the mic is kind of soft. I can’t really make out Chris’ voice that well, so I can’t really hear his voice that well. Adam calls Chris his young Jedi and welcomes him. He also offers his congratulations.


“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” sung by Matt McAndrew: Oh dammit Matt. You’re going for an old favorite. His vocals are naked and sweeping and grand. The audience is just going insane with the song and Matt has them in the palm of his hand. There’s something so naked and raw and aching in this interpretation. I really do like that because it’s very lovely. Gwen thinks that the song is perfect and Matt is a pure and original talent. She loves how Matt connects and grows with his performances. Pharrell is just blown away by how much of an artist Matt is. Adam loved how bittersweet and perfect the interpretation was.

Join us tonight to find out who will be crowned The Voice 2014 winner.

Bec Heim