One Direction Show No Signs of Slowing Down as They Talk of Fifth Album

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The boys are at it again – no sooner has their latest album Four broken records all over the world than One Direction are already talking about their next (fifth) album. Please lads, call it Five, I beg of you.

Speaking to Digital Spy at the inaugural BBC Music Awards last Thursday, the band talked of their plans. “We didn’t know what to expect from this album (Four), obviously it’s not been done before so it’s just an amazing thing for us…we’re just so happy that this album’s gone really well for us, and it’s kind of given us a lift to go with music now somewhere else if we do happen to do another one”, said Liam Payne (of course, he likes to chat, bless him).

Thankfully for us Liam’s bandmate Niall Horan was far more direct. When asked if there would be another album, he answered “yes there will be”. Start your flailing everyone, if the next album is in the same vein as Four then we’re in for a treat.

Four is different to the group’s earlier work in that the band co-wrote most of the songs, and the style is noticeably different. Speaking to Digital Spy about “Steal My Girl”, Louis said it is “a good bridge between this record and the last record… we’ve been more involved with the writing so lyrically I think that comes across…in terms of production we’ve tried a slightly more simple approach on some songs”.

Liam added that, creatively, “things are going more our way…which is great. Now we really want to take a hold of which way our careers are going…and sing about the stuff we want to sing about”.

Liam and Niall, together with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik, were at the awards to perform their hit single, “Steal My Girl”. Sadly, they didn’t win any of the three categories (not that they were nominated, but they are 1D after all).

However, the lovely lads have won a few things this year: AMAs; ARIAs; Billboards; BMIs; BRITs; MTV Europe; etc. I could go forever (almost). Needless to say, with the outstanding success of Four 1D continue to be the biggest band in the world and, despite the continuous rumble of break-up rumours, it looks like they’re not going anywhere soon.

Actually, One Direction have the next year pretty much booked up with a five-continent, 19-country, 70+-gig tour. They’ll be on the road from February to October 2015, with the odd month off in-between.

So, I’m thinking that the new album may have to wait until 2016, sadly. However the lads have released an album a year since 2011, so maybe waiting a little longer might be good for them. Also, a rest – they need it.

One Direction are the classic fairy tale – they were put together at Boot Camp in The X Factor way back in 2010, and have always supported the show. They have appeared once this season – the pre-recorded performance had to be done twice because Harry wore the wrong shirt – and they sang live on tonight’s final.

Performing an unreleased track from Four, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, the lads were joined on stage by elderly Rolling Stoner Ronnie Wood. Poor Niall looked excited but overwhelmed at being joined by the legendary guitarist, but they all took it in their stride.

Wood had nothing but praise for the lads; “they’re a great bunch of guys and are really fabulous fun to work with”. Asked if Mick Jagger knew if he was “moonlighting”, Wood replied that his bandmate thinks it’s “fantastically funny and hilariously creative”. Loving the adjective use, Ronnie.

Niall managed to stumble out that “it doesn’t get much better than this”. You can say that again, dear.



Sara Hunter Smith