Lea Michele Talks Rachel’s Return to Lima in All New BTS on Glee!

Photo: FOX/TV Line
Photo: FOX/TV Line

We have just had our first Glee season 6 song spoiler performance and now comes our first behind the scenes exclusive, courtesy of ETOnline.

As we all knew from previous spoilers, the start of the season sees Rachel returning to Lima to reform the Glee club, and actress Lea Michele explains that we will learn what happened with her in Los Angeles. Will Schuester is coaching the Glee Club and bright spark Blaine Anderson has seemingly decided to drop out of NYADA to coach the Warblers. How very sensible. It sounds like exactly the type of thing Blaine would do.

The BTS gives us a glimpse of Darren Criss and one of his “favourite show tune people” coming together to sing “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors. Now everyone has their opinions on Blainchel but gosh, I do love this pair singing together. I am still ever hopeful for the storyline in which it is revealed that they are in fact, twins. Anyway, that might just be me. The song is good, take a look.

As I predicted, Lea Michele confirms that she does end the episode with ‘Let it Go’, and she also notes that she felt like a magical princess when filming the song. Well who wouldn’t, in a dress as beautiful as that?

There’s something rather special about seeing Darren Criss dressed as Blaine again, and Matthew Morrison in one of Will’s familiar sweater vests, but it is also tinged with sadness knowing that this season will be the last. I feel more than ready to say goodbye to Glee the show in a lot of ways, but the characters I’ve come to love? Not so much. Grab your tissues, folks, as Glee lines up for its final bow.

Credit: FOX