Moffat Reveals The Inspiration For The Doctor’s Meeting With Santa Claus

Credit: BBC

We’ve seen some interesting Christmas Specials over the years on Doctor Who and this year is no different. The Doctor will meet Santa Claus on Christmas Day but did you ever wonder where the idea came from?

Turns out, it’s happened before, but in comic book form. Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat revealed at the screening of the Christmas Special, entitled “Last Christmas”, where the inspiration came from. “There is actually an old comic strip with William Hartnell meeting Santa. So I’ve always wanted to see that. I’ve always wanted the two of them face-to-face!”

And why wouldn’t you? The infamous Doctor meeting the legend that is Santa Claus, on Christmas Day? It sounds like a brilliant idea. And with Nick Frost playing old St. Nick himself, what could go wrong? Even Moffat said that he couldn’t think of anyone to play Santa instead of Frost in the episode, “I am a total believer in Santa Claus and Nick Frost who plays Santa Claus looks like Santa Claus and actually if Santa Claus was to choose an earthly name it would actually be Nicholas Frost. I think he might actually be Santa Claus- in fact I think he is!” Well wouldn’t that be a plot-twist? The actor who plays Santa Claus might actually be Santa Claus, sounds like a new version of Miracle on 34th Street, right?

During the screening, Moffat also defended the episode “In the Forest of the Night”, which caused some controversy from scientists and fans alike. But Moffat thinks that people will grow to appreciate the episode, down the track. “I think I’d give a shout out to an episode that I think will grow in stature over the years because it’s so beautifully and elegantly written, “In the Forest of the Night.”

He also added, “There were people who thought it was maybe scientifically inaccurate- they’re wrong, I checked with the scientists – and any piece of television that includes the line of dialogue ‘catastrophe is the metabolism of the universe’ as a part of popular entertainment has to be…. a beautiful episode!”

Let’s just hope the Christmas Special is just as beautiful when it airs on BBC 1 at 6:15pm on Christmas Day. Watch a trailer for the episode below.

Kayleigh Falvey