Jeremy Irons Takes on Alfred in Batman V Superman

Jeremy Irons Batman v Superman
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The ever elegant and classical British actor Jeremy Irons is taking on the role of Alfred Pennyworth, man-servant to Bruce Wayne, in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When discussing his portrayal of Alfred, the star of a number of hugely popular series, such as The Hollow Crown and The Borgia’s, said that, “He is quite a different Alfred than we have seen so far. Zack Snyder had very clear views about what he wanted, I would just say he’s more hands-on perhaps than just a butler.” Irons went on to add that his Alfred was “not a large role” due to the many characters in the Warner Bros. film.

He has kept a lot of the information on just what is different about this role in this adaptation close to his chest, unsurprising really as he wants you to go see the film. Previous actors who have taken on the role of the man who keeps Batman’s identity secret and aids his boss in covering for him or preparing him for his next mission to save Gotham include Michael Caine, Alan Napier and Michael Gough. In the television series Gotham, currently screening, Alfred is played by Sean Pertwee.

As well as providing assistance, Alfred has been known to also provide comic relief, as his sometimes sarcastic and cynical attitude often adds much humour to dialogue occurring between himself and Batman. This makes me wonder if we will hear Irons deliver his lines with his infamous Scar, from The Lion King voice.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as the DC Universe superheroes respectively, and Gal Gadot takes on Wonder Woman. Also starring in the film are Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jesse Eisenberg and Holly Hunter.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has listed its release date as March 25, 2016.

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