It’s The Flash V Arrow For This Week’s Flash Crossover Episode!


If you thought The Flash could not get any better, you were wrong, oh so wrong! This week’s episode proved better than most, and not just because the Arrow team decided to swing by Central City!

But, first a mini-recap of what happened in last weeks episode, then we’ll move onto the main event!

Episode 4×07 “Power Outage”

Summary: Barry became too cocky and reliant on his super powers, so as fate would have it, he meets a meta-human who takes his away using electricity. Barry eventually defeats the baddie, but not before he has a cute moment with Caitlin Snow (THEY HOLD HANDS)! Once Barry’s powers returned he got an upgrade being able to move faster because he got rid of some mental handicap he had placed on himself. The episode ends with Dr. Wells being super sketchy and taking a blood sample from the baddie, so that maybe he could one day take away the Flash’s powers himself?


Episode 4×08 “Flash v. Arrow”

Now on to the main event, the Flash v. Arrow. This episode was jam packed with goodies, so lets get started!

The Feels…The episode begins with Barry asking the audience if they have ever had “the feels,” and I am sure we can all agree we have. However, his feels are directed towards one particular person, Iris. While the Flash is running around, we come across a red-eyed guy robbing a bank. Everyone the guy looks at becomes overwhelmed with anger and basically loses their cool and starts attacking each other.

TMI…With a bad guy on the lose, of course we change the focus to Iris and Eddie getting out of bed barely clothed (I guess trying to show their very intimate relationship). However, it seems their relationship may not be as strong as Iris hoped, because Eddie is trying to convince the Captain of the police force that the Flash is a public menace and should be in jail.

Don’t Get Involved…Caitlin attempts to give Barry some very solid advice, which is basically DO NOT GET INVOLVED BETWEEN IRIS AND EDDIE. Guess who does not listen? The good news is the Flash and Iris’s chat was cut short when the police raided the area the baddie was hiding out. The even better news is that the Arrow was there to save the day when Barry got too cocky. However, red-eyes still escaped.

“You’re Fast”…Barry quickly runs to catch up with Oliver who is stationed right outside of town with Diggle and Felicity, who are apparently after a boomerang throwing villain of their own. Diggle’s face is priceless his entire interaction with Barry, with him asking Felcitiy in a very high pitched voice “Man, that’s not freaking you out?!” (Oh Diggle, I love you). Barry tells Oliver he wants to team up, but Oliver is definitely not a fan of this idea (womp, womp).

We’re All In This Together…The Arrow gang then end up in Star Labs where Cisco geeks out over the boomerang and it is adorable. I love Cisco. Felicity installs face recognition software into Star Lab’s tech, allowing them to find out that the bad guys name is Roy G. Bivolo. (Roy G. Biv Anyone? You know, the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo…come on? Elementary school? IT’S SO SMART).

Change of Heart…Oliver meets Barry at the coffee shop and changes his mind about teaming up. We get to learn that Iris has a huge crush on Oliver Queen, and I think it is the first time all season I found her funny (oops). Felicity is momming Oliver into teaming up with Barry, and grumpy cat Oliver concedes. However, Oliver must first teach Barry a few lessons about casing an area before he bulldozes into a situation, so of course Oliver shoots him with two arrows in the middle of no where.

Dumb, Dumb…Barry decides to be a proud moron and goes after Bivolo alone, while Dr. Well’s tells Felicity he will figure out who the Arrow is (because he does not trust him). But of course Barry loses his temper while fighting Bivolo and he is dosed in red-eyed anger. Barry then turns into an evil little bitch telling off all his friends and beating the crap out of Eddie in front of Iris, everything is wrong, and I am pissed.

Rescue Mission…Barry and Oliver fight (as Flash and Arrow respectively), and Dr. Wells and Joe to the rescue! Also, Wells figured out that Oliver was Arrow and it was hilarious, poor Felicity does not realize how sketch he is. Regretfully, thanks to Eddie getting the crap beat out of him he gets his swat team to take Barry down (aka. The Flash). Eddie I hate you.

Wrap Up…Barry meets Oliver and Felicity at the coffee shop after the fiasco, and Oliver runs into a random chick who may be the mother of his child (wait, what?). Oliver then proceeds to tell Barry to drop Iris, because guys like them do not get the girl. The screen then shoots to Caitlin looking at pictures of Ronnie, and then we see a homeless looking man under the bridge. GUESS WHO IT IS!? FIRESTORM, AND IT IS FRIGGEN AWESOME!

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