Henry Seeks His Revenge In Sleepy Hollow “The Akeda”


Well the mid-season finale of Sleepy Hollow gave us some crazy twists and turns that kept fans guessing the entire run through, so let’s get started on this recap, shall we?

Off To Moloch We Go…Well the episode started off where the last one ended. Abbie and Ichabod are off to fight Moloch with their magic demon killing sword. Only problem is an electrical storm caused their car to break down. Luckily for the two, Abbie knows how to ride a motorcycle and Ichabod delivered my favorite line from the night. “I want one of those.. as soon as this is all over.” Me too Ichabod, me too.

Henry’s Lair…Ichabod and Abbie end up at Henry’s house to discover his model replica of the town. They use string to connect all the points Henry has attacked, and big surprise, it creates a pentagram over the city. The two then hear the screams of Katrina being forced into a binding ceremony by headless and it’s Ichabod to the rescue.

Fun Fact…While fighting and then defeating headless (not killing), we learn that the Sword of Mathusala comes with a price (anyone else thinking all magic comes with a price? Thanks, Once Upon A Time). In exchange for killing a creature with the sword it consumes your soul and kills you (yay). The good news is that Ichabod and Abbie have a very soulless friend. Irving.

Awkward…You know your relationship is on the rocks when your wife tells a headless horseman that she cares for him in an almost touching way. Jeez, Katrina is so sketchy. Anyway, the crew chain down headless in Franklin’s lair (their usual place) and attempt to get information out of him.

White Trees…Headless now looking like Abraham since Katrina edited her enchantment tells the group that each white tree that is burned releases something crummy on Earth. The first tree released lightning, the second blood, the third Moloch’s army, and the fourth seals hell on Earth (how exciting).

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…Hottie Hawley comes into the picture when the group, now Jenny, Irving, Ichabod, Katrina, and Abbie, figure they need weapons. And who better to contact than a magical weapons dealer? Also, I could not help but laugh when it started hailing blood, that was just, Hawley’s face + hailing blood= priceless. So Katrina goes off to enchant weapons, which triggers a huge argument between Katrina and Ichabod leading to a kinda weird separation between the two.

Walking Dead…Moloch’s army starts to rise, but team End the Apocalypse is on it. Irving then proves to be a total badass and takes out Henry’s armor (aka. what we see as the horseman of war). However, not before War stabbed him in the side (which honestly did not look fatal), and voila, dead Irving.

Jerk of a Father…After Henry’s defeat (kind of), Moloch tells Henry that there were horseman before you and there will be horseman after you. That hurts coming from the only father figure you have ever known, I bet this comes and bites Moloch in the ass later (hint, hint). Henry goes off to fight the crew on Moloch’s command and has a basic mental breakdown about being unconditionally loved, but that does not stop him from bringing the group to Moloch.

Womp, Womp…. With the group tied to the now 3 black and 1 white tree the end looks near. Moloch commands Henry to kill his mother with the sword, but Ichabod intervenes telling Henry to kill him instead. Henry, obviously pissed off at Moloch does a huge 180 and stabs Moloch in the chest. Bye Bye big bad.

And that is what you missed on this week’s Sleepy Hollow. 

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