Gracepoint Recap: A New Suspect Is Named As Time Is Running Out

Credit: Ed Araquel/Fox
Credit: Ed Araquel/Fox

A thousand apologies must be sent your way, my dear readers, as I completely spaced out and thought I had given you all a recap for the episode prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Here’s a brief rehash of what went down on the previous episode of Gracepoint: 

Tom, aka Sketchy son, is found safe, with some minor cuts from falling off his bicycle (yay). He tells his parents and Carver that he was looking for Pierson, after seeing the name in Ellie’s casebook and wanting to ask about Danny (‘cos that sounds legit, right?). After an interrogation with Pierson, Carver is told by Mark of Paul’s obsession with Beth, his being sighted at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, and his finding both Tom and his bicycle (Sketchy Priest gets sketchier).

Beth meets with the mother of Nina, the victim in the Rosemont case. The mother is now addicted to alcohol, pills, and sleeps a lot (poor woman). This deeply affects Beth, who later decides to keep her unborn child (bless her heart).

Carver speaks with Paul, who feels the town needs him again in order to cope. He also suggests that Carver will become the next outcast because he arouses the town’s suspicion every day that he doesn’t find the killer.

Creepy Susan gives Danny’s skateboard to Tom, then goes to the newspaper office where Kathy informs her that her past is now known. She is arrested but will not talk until they find her dog, which just-as-creepy Vince has stolen. Paul finds Tom trying to destroy his laptop, after sketchy Tom learns its hard drive can be checked.

Ellie and Carver investigate the beach house, when it is reported a flashlight has been seen inside. They chase the intruder, but must stop when Carver collapses. Dun, Dun, Dun….

We are one episode away from finding out who killed Danny Solano, and with this week’s episode, the plot thickens and time is running out for one of our dear detectives. So what went down?

What You Need To Know:

  • He just keeps going and going: Carver, after suffering an attack last episode, refuses to be hospitalized and continues with the investigation, despite warnings it could cause his death. The chief advises Carver he will be invalided off the force in 24 hours. Renee learns of Carver’s collapse unfortunately and drops the info with Owen before skipping town. Carver reluctantly contacts the so called psychic in a desperate attempt to solve the case. Armed with intel, Owen tries to blackmail Carver into giving him an exclusive or they will publicly reveal Carver’s health problems. He does in the end and reveals a pretty sad backstory. He confesses that his ex-wife was responsible for the loss of evidence that led to the collapse of the murder case. Carver says he took the blame to protect their teenage daughter.
  • Creepy Lady’s Sad Story: Ellie links Susan to Danny’s murder through cigarette butts at the crime scene. Susan claims she saw Danny’s body on the beach during a late-night walk, and tells Ellie her life story. Ellie confronts Susan, who claims she saw Vince arrive in a boat and leave the body and skateboard on the beach. Vince is arrested and the dog is found. Susan reveals that Vince is her son, and she believes he’s a child murderer like his father. Vince says he went hunting the night Danny died, and admits to cutting a fence and stealing fuel while out (as seen in episode one). Susan is released but Vince is not because size ten footprints are found at the summer house.
  • Breaks in the case: Carver learns Danny’s smartphone was used to report the summer house break-in. Later on, Reverend Coates tells Carver that Tom and Danny were not getting along and gives Carver the smashed laptop he recovered from Tom. Coates is later confronted by Tom and is blackmailed by Tom for his laptop.
  • Elsewhere: At dinner, Chloe’s boyfriend tells the shocked Solanos that he accompanied Danny and Vince onto the estate late at night to hunt animals. Vince, he says, told him that Mark knew of and condoned these trips, prompting Mark to call Carver and deliver the info. As a result of Coates’ intel, Hardy asks Ellie about a fight between Tom and Danny, and Ellie gives Hardy access to Tom’s computer, which she has trouble locating.

No After Party this week as the season finale is next week! Have you solved the case yet?

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