Gracepoint Finale Recap: And The Murderer Is….

Credit: Ed Araque/FOX
Credit: Ed Araque/FOX

Who killed Danny Solano?

After ten weeks of clue after clue, suspect after suspect, and narrowing down a huge list of potential murderers, it was finally revealed to the viewers who took the life of young Danny.

And the guilty person is…..Tom Miller by way of Joe Miller!

Completely stumped on how it’s Tom by way of Joe? Grab your case files and let’s break down this finale!

What You Need To Know:

  • Time Runs Out: It’s Carver’s last day on the job, and the Millers cannot find Tom’s laptop. Probably because Carver already has it.  With that mind set and while Ellie is interrogating Vince, Carver turns his suspicions on the Miller family. With Joe present, Carver interviews Tom about the laptop and about emails Danny exchanged with Tom and another person. Tom denies any involvement with Danny’s death, and Carver believes him though Joe causes him to raise his eyebrows when he reveals he wears a size 10.
  • Cellblock Tango Time: After complimenting Ellie on good work, Carver sets off as Danny’s smartphone is reactivated, which leads Carver to the killer: Joe. Joe confesses to accidentally killing Danny after the boy threatened to expose the inappropriate attachment Joe had with him.  In a flashback, the audience sees the events of 59 days earlier, when Joe killed Danny. Danny fled from Joe after an argument and bashed his head against a rock after Joe went to reach for him. Joe says he called from the summer house to confess to Carver, but Carver brought Ellie as well. Not wanting to confess in front of his wife, Joe ran.
  • Hell Hath No Fury: Carver informs Ellie,  who reacts by puking her guts out immediately out of shock. She later confronts and attacks Joe in a rage before being restrained. The aftermath of Joe’s confession is shown: Ellie moves into a hotel with her children; Carver works with the investigative team and goes on the press conference announcing the killer’s capture; and Hardy tells the Solanos about Joe.
  • A Twist: While breaking the news to her son about his father, something still seems amiss to Ellie as Tom acts a bit odd. Finally, maternal instinct takes over — or maybe it’s the detective within her finally freed of her emotional ties to the case — and Ellie asks her sketchy son, “What are you not saying?” As it turns out, Tom followed his dad to that cliffside cabin and watched him make a sexual advance on his friend. As Danny sprinted away with Joe in pursuit, Tom wielded a boat paddle to defend his friend, but the wild backswing cracked little Danny’s skull, killing him instantly. Although Joe is indeed deeply guilty of a lot of creepy things, the murder is (however accidental) on Tom’s hands, with his father merely complicit in covering up. Ellie then confronts Joe about this and both vow to let the secret stay between them.
  • Aftermath: Mark confronts Joe through a cell door, and Beth accuses Ellie of covering up her husband’s complicity. Ellie and Carver then discuss Joe’s psychological problems. The Solanos family holds Danny’s funeral. That night, beacons are set alight all along the beaches and cliffs near Gracepoint in memory of the slain boy with Carver and Miller watching. Miller sets off to go back to her boys while Carver mends his relationship with his daughter. After mending the fences, Carver has a moment of reflection as he looks over the video of Tom and Joe’s interview. It dawns on him that Tom was lying, which causes him to call Ellie, who doesn’t pick up as the show fades to black.

And that’s all for Gracepoint! Did you get the murderer right? What did you all think of this finale? Do you see the show coming back for another season (I’m going to go with no)?

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