‘Glee’ Season Six First Look: Drama, Originals, Neon, McKinley, and Blainofsky!

Photo: Fox

Glee season six is literally just around the corner.

Soon the final bow to the show will begin.

So it’s time to be bombarded by new images and info after the long, long dry spell. While we have the cast pictures, promo, and episode summary released this week, today we have a bevy of new images for the two-hour premiere released by Fox.

And damn. There are a lot of pictures here.

Season six is essentially the bizarro version of the first thirteen episodes of season one where we all fell in love with the show. Not that I’m complaining because the stills do look pretty good, Hopefully, they’ll remind us why we’ve loved the show so much and give it the good send-off it deserves.

Although what happened to the state of the art computer lab that was placed in the choir room? It just seems like a pretty big continuity thing.

Anyway, the pictures seem to promise a lot of bonding with the old guard, a snapshot of one the new newbies, and neon singing through the halls.

That does sound like Glee. Check out the gallery below and tell us what you think.


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Glee‘s season six will premiere on January 9th at 8pm EST.

Bec Heim