Flash/Arrow Crossover Part 2 Proves That What Goes Around, Comes Around

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Tonight’s Arrow episode, “The Brave and the Bold,” marked the second and final part of The CW’s big Arrow/The Flash crossover event. And boy, did it deliver!

Check out our recap of Tuesday’s “Flash vs Arrow”, the first part of the “Flarrow” crossover for everything you need to know beforehand.

Captain Boomerang Strikes
After Lyla and Diggle are attacked at ARGUS, Lyla confesses that the boomerang murderer the Team has been looking for is Digger Harkness, a former member of the Suicide Squad, who was supposed to die after one of his missions got compromised. Lyla had made the call to have him killed and now Harkness is looking for revenge. When the men of both teams follow a lead, which turns out to be a distraction, Harkness attacks Felicity, Caitlin and Lyla in the “Arrow cave”. Lyla gets severely injured and Barry rushes her to the hospital. When the vigilantes finally confront Harkness, he reveals that he has planted five bombs all over the city, and that they have to be disabled all at the same time. While the Arrow fights Harkness, Barry takes Felicity, Caitlin, Cisco and Roy each to one of the locations where they manage to defuse the bombs simultaneously. Harkness is captured and taken to the ARGUS prison on Lian Yu.

Two Teams Collide
With both teams occupying the foundry, it is getting quite crowded. The teams work hand in hand to fight Captain Boomerang, and prove an incredible dynamic. While we have seen a lot of Felicity working with Team Flash in Season 2 of Arrow and various The Flash episodes, it is amazing to see Diggle and Roy interact with them as well. They seem to completely accept each other’s presence and share similar ideals and strategies, unlike their fearless leaders, and seamlessly work together. I am hoping for more crossovers down the road and more screen time for both teams together.

Flash vs Arrow
Oliver is extremely reluctant to team up with Barry again but eventually agrees – under his terms. And his terms include extreme measures. The Arrow’s tactics are something Barry has trouble accepting. We see them both functioning as Team Captains, trying to play nice and it is incredibly entertaining. In the end they manage to get along and Oliver’s experience combined with Barry’s speed is what helps them catch the bad guy. It was fun to see them challenge each other on so many levels, and hopefully satisfying for comic book fans as well.

The Art of Torture
This week the Hong Kong flashbacks take us back to a time when Oliver Queen was not quite as ruthless and merciless as we have seen him during season 1. Amanda Waller tells him to interrogate a man to find out where he has planted one of his bombs. When Oliver’s conscience prevents him from torturing the man, the bombs deteriorate and hundreds of people in Hong Kong die. Waller tells Oliver that the blood of those people is on his hands. She gives him another opportunity to “redeem” himself and presents him with a member of the Chinese triad.

* The salmon ladder returns. Because it is always a highlight, and highly distracting indeed. Now Barry has joined the club of (usually shirtless) vigilantes on the salmon ladder (Oliver, Sara, Ray…) and I approve. I always approve.
* Thea meets Cisco… and the Flash? Sadly we got very few Thea Queen moments during this episode, but they were undoubtedly hilarious. Cisco got shot down pretty quickly, poor guy, but who can compete with Roy Harper? And did Thea even notice the blur crossing her way?
* Happily ever after? After Diggle and Lyla had been reminded several times that they were not married anymore, Dig decided to take matters into his own hands and proposed, again. She said yes, again. And we already have confirmation that a wedding is in their future, again. I’m hoping for the best the second time around. They both deserve a little happiness. And maybe the two of them function as a direct example for Oliver to pursue what makes him happy. (Spoiler: it’s Felicity).
*A new suit for the Arrow. Or rather a new jacket, either way a very thoughtful gift. Thanks to Cisco the Arrow-suit has now upgraded functions, such as more space for his little gadgets. But the hood stays.
* The final moments. While the teams say goodbye, Oliver and Barry decide to finally get it out of their systems. Who would win? Arrows and experience or super powers and speed? We are left with no answer which is frustrating, but was to be expected. Either way, that would be a showdown I would pay good money to see.

Favorite Quote(s)
Oliver – “To do what I do, Barry, it takes conviction. But more often than not it’s the will to do what’s ugly. Every time I do that I’m trading away little pieces of myself. So you ask what’s wrong with me? That’s what’s wrong. Because the part that I’m trading away is Oliver Queen. And lately I’ve been feeling like there’s nothing left except the Arrow.”
Barry – “I think you’re full of crap. You’ve convinced yourself that everything you’ve been through took away your humanity. But I think it’s because of your humanity that you made it through. You wouldn’t have survived much less come out the other end a hero, someone who wants to do good if you didn’t have a light inside of you.”

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